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New Zealand, I'll Be There!

{11 február 2009}

I'm traveling to New Zealand until the end of March. Woo-hoo! There will probably be no new wallpapers during my travel. I hope to make you bored with hundreds of photo-wallpapers when I am back :-)
Meanwhile, I just made a wallpaper about New Zealand -

← Valentine's Day goodies from Vladstudio! New Zealand, I'm back! →

Komentáre {16}

ReZe 11 február 2009
I just came back! How inspiring coutnry! I love your new wallpaper because I fell in love with that country as well and cant wait for new ones when you arrive ... It will all reminds me great 9 months I spent in this georgeous pace! Take care Vlad and enjoy all the adrenalin and nature trips! Renata

pfennig59 12 február 2009
Vlad, I wish you a great time. Stay safe. I'm looking forward the every single wallpaper you will surprise us with. Love your Kiwi Kiwi. My niece went as a student to NZ and really enjoyed it. I sent her a link to the Kiwis.

patrvic 12 február 2009
It just might ad to your virtuoso. Have a great stay.

A kiwi 14 február 2009
Please do something with a tuatara............... or one of our frogs............... or there is the yellow eyed penguin. No wetas plz!!!

Guytree 24 február 2009
You are awesome Vlad....I am visiting your site for the first time and fell in love :).... Have a fun and safe trip look forward to more wall papers!!

28 február 2009
your wallpaper i so cool i just descovered this site about 3 days ago then keeped comming back i hope you have some new wallpaper after you come back.

Guillermo Rico 25 marec 2009
Hey Vlad, where are the new wallpapers? Do you find any kind inspiration on the "kangaroo" ?

Christoph Schröder 30 marec 2009
Go to purakanui on the south island. beautiful beach with absolute no people.

Urszula Czarkowska 11 február 2009
Oh Vlad, you're so lucky!javascript:void(0) Enjoy your trip and bring tons of photos! I can't wait already...

Terri GottFree 11 február 2009
Have a awesome trip, and take lots of pics. I love your site especially the wallpaper.... be careful and have fun.

Jeremy Kemp 12 február 2009
I just moved to Auckland in November. Where will you be traveling? It's a beautiful country to visit!

jung 12 február 2009
well that was totally unexpected! I'm from NZ! and I also own a wallpaper site! I really like yours!

Val 20 február 2009
I just found your site today and wanted to say I love your art. Thank you for the free wallpaper. I will probably be coming back to purchase a poster sometime soon!

Karen 22 február 2009
Wat een prachtige website, achtergronden EN tutorials! keep going!

Valerie 2 marec 2009
Vlad, How about doing a wallpaper that features kites? Hope you have a great trip!

: ) 21 marec 2009
I live in NZ! Please make some wallpaper with things like tuataras or Hector's dolphins or something!

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