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New website feature - Translate This Page

{9 december 2008}

I created a page where visitors can suggest translations to all parts of my website - check it out at Not all content can be translated at this time (tutorials, etc), but I'm working on it too!

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Komentáre {16}

Quang Anh Do 9 december 2008
Nice feature :D Could you please add Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) to the list?

Kwok-kuen Cheung 10 december 2008
Please support both Chinese characters—the Traditional and the Simplified. The former is primarily used in Taiwan and Hong Kong while the latter in Mainland China. Much thanks.

Sasa Karanovic 10 december 2008
Please add Serbian, I will try contribute by translating page into my native language. :)

Nemi 10 december 2008
and i can do hebrew :) you have fans all over.

dims 13 december 2008
Vlad, add Ukrainian to the list ;)

dims 13 december 2008

dims 14 február 2009
still waiting for the Ukrainian version to translate :)

Jorge Galrito 9 december 2008
What about Portuguese?

9 december 2008
what about greek?

Vlad Gerasimov 9 december 2008
Quang Anh Do, Jorge Galrito, unknown user :-) : I added Vietnamese, Portuguese and Greek, as well as some more languages! Thanks for your help!

Heini 10 december 2008
Finnish (suomi) would be nice to have!

Mario 10 december 2008
Hey! Good feature. I translated the website to spanish, do you remember? But it need some new parts :)

Ivonna 12 december 2008
And I can do Latvian

Irina 12 december 2008
Is it possible to have serbian on your list? (српски)

Logi Helgu 15 december 2008
Nice feature, could you share what you are using to accomplish this? Is it a free extension?

dims 11 júl 2010

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