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New wallpaper sizes: 640x960, 960x640 (for iPhone 4), 800x960, 960x800 (for Android)

{26 jún 2010}

The title says it all :-) Most of my wallpapers are now available in these new sizes, targeted to new iPhone 4, and various Android devices with 480x800 screens. Check out the new sizes on every wallpaper page. Thanks!

← John’s Background Switcher 4.2 features Vladstudio wallpapers integration! My little Alice! →

Komentáre {5}

Jan Kalina 26 jún 2010
WOW that was fast :-) I am just putting a new wallpaper on my Nexus :-) Thanks a lot, Jan

Abbey Wilkins 28 jún 2010
Awesome! Thanks so much! Now I can have the smiley pea pod on all of my devices

Jacqueline Brubaker 27 jún 2010
I could probably put them into my Nook too

Jacqueline Brubaker 27 jún 2010
I would have to do some reajustments...the Nooks wallpaper size is 600x720

Muthu 27 november 2010
love is god

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