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New version of Vladstudio Companion for Mac OS X

{25 máj 2009}

To my shame, I forgot to announce this, but for some time already, the Companion for OS X version 2 is available for download!

The new features include:

Download latest version. Some screenshots are below.

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Komentáre {5}

Bram Craig 26 jún 2009
upgraded but now companion no longer works. It won't change the background either automatically or at my command. Submitted comment - no reply.

gege 28 jún 2009
i have trouble with companon crashes when i open preferences.mac os 10,4,11.

Vlad Gerasimov 30 jún 2009
I added new post in my blog about Companion 2 for Mac - please read it here:

Vlad Gerasimov 26 jún 2009
Bram - I received several reports that new Companion does not update wallpaper, and forwarded them to software developer. There is nothing more I can do, unfortunately. I hope to hear from him soon. Thanks.

gege 28 jún 2009
where to download companion 1 ?

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