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New sizes for wallpaper images

{22 október 2008}

I published most of my wallpapers in the following new sizes: 800x480, 1024x600, 1920x1080; 3840x1200 dual; 480x320, 480x360, 640x480 mobile. These sizes fit new Asus EEE computers, Blackberry devices and HD TVs. Thanks to all for your continuous support :-)

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Komentáre {10}

David Hamilton 22 október 2008
It would be great to have 320 x 480 also (for iPhone / iPod Touch). (I think that's the size of the iPhone screen.)

Jake Good 22 október 2008
Which strangely enough aren't working

Vlad Gerasimov 22 október 2008
David Hamilton: yes, that size is already there (under Download for Mobile button). Jake Good: Oops! That was a bug in my recent website update. I fixed it, should be working now.

Madhavan 25 október 2008
Thanks! I can now upload the pix to my PS3

stefan 7 november 2008
All of them look nice ~ thanks

Zilver40678 17 november 2008
I love these backgrounds, itd be nice if there were some for *apple* laptops 1280 x 800 would be my guess...

Jake Good 22 október 2008
Those are already available... There's a big button for "Download For Mobile" in which the iPhone is there...

Dan Callahan 22 október 2008
Hooray! 800x480 is perfect for my Nokia Internet Tablet, and 1920x1080 for my TV! Thanks, Vlad!

Luminita Varlam 22 október 2008
Je suis presqu'une vieille femme. 56 ans. Vous etes tous des jeunes, merveilleux jeunes, mais je me sens confortable aux cotes de tous les esprits forts, doues, ouverts. J'aime beaucoup, mais beaucoup votre travail, Vlad. Merci encore.

Matey 16 november 2008
what about 1366x768 ? It would be great to be included !

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