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New program with Wallpaper Clock support: Dexpot

{6 november 2009}

The new version of Dexpot, virtual desktop manager for Windows, includes Wallpaper Clock plugin, which you can use to run WCZ files on your desktop.

Check out the program here:

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Komentáre {4}

Nick 6 november 2009
It'd be nice to finally have a wallpaper clock program on windows that doesn't cost money, considering both the linux and the mac versions are free and simple wallpaper clock managers. All windows versions are separate programs that just happen to support wallpaper clocks.

Mrinal 16 december 2009
Thanx. Really. Its nice to have Proggies and Support for them.

Karl Yeurl 6 november 2009
Nick, I don't get it, I installed it and it seems totally free. Yet, I must agree, it would be nice to have a soft that only does the wcz thing (and nothing more).

Jeremy 7 november 2009
Thanks for the link Vlad! The program is free for personal use, they only charge a fee to companies that use it.

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