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New feature: wallpapers for three monitors!

{13 december 2008}

About 100 of my recent wallpapers are now available for three monitor setups (for registered users). Sizes include: 1024x768x3, 1152x864x3, 1280x1024x3, 1600x1200x3, 1680x1050x3. If available, these sizes will appear on wallpaper page. Enjoy!

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Komentáre {4}

Ashwin Narasimhan 13 december 2008
How much time does it take you to create all these sizes for your wallpapers?

Paladin27 2 apríl 2009
Is there anyway to filter and only view the ones available at 1600x1200x3 or larger?

Azhar Chougle 13 december 2008
You make me want more monitors.

Mike Aldred 15 december 2008

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