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New! Animated Happy New Year e-card!

{25 december 2008}

My sister Julia created a wonderful Flash animated e-card and allowed me to publish it for everyone to use. You can congratulate your friends and family with this cute animation! Link:

On this page, click Preview Animation to view the movie before sending card.


← Photoshop tutorials can be translated now! Birthday gift from my sister, Julia →

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Donna 25 december 2008
LOL! You have a very talented family, Vlad! THANK YOU to Julia! (P.S. How many artists in your family? Your parents must be very proud!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

aycie 25 december 2009
böö :D bad :)

Marco ten Hoff 26 december 2008
Have a nice new years eve Vlad! Thnx for all the great art you've made for whole this world!

Michael 26 december 2008
Have a great New Year, your art work was so cool this year as always. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and letting us display as well.Julia and you did a wonderful job on the card, I could not get over the skiing cow !!!!!!

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