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My little Alice!

{13 júl 2010}

I am a father! On July 3, our first baby, Alice, was born. Welcome to the wonderful world, my little Alice!

I created a simple wallpaper about her:

← New wallpaper sizes: 640x960, 960x640 (for iPhone 4), 800x960, 960x800 (for Android) Rock stars - now as wood carvings! →

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Congratulations 13 júl 2010
Congratulations to all your family

Pilar 13 júl 2010
Congratulations from Spain !!!

Todd B 13 júl 2010
Congrats - a life-changing experience. Been grabbing your "stuff" for years and passing it around to have folks visit your site. Best wishes from one father to another - and what a beautiful name you chose.

Artyom Loenko 14 júl 2010
Congratulations, Vlad! пусть у вас всё будет прекрасно.

Akineton 14 júl 2010
Happy Life!!! :)))

j im 14 júl 2010
Поздравляем родителей. Я хочу ребенка хорошее здоровье.

Leah 14 júl 2010
Oh ... so much congratulations!

P. Rutkowski 14 júl 2010

dajacques 14 júl 2010
Congratulations! Enjoy the best of your creations!

Missmath 14 júl 2010
Félicitations cher Vlad. Prends bien soin de la maman et de la petite Alice, profitez surtout de chaque moment, les enfants grandissent tellement trop vite. Bienvenue dans notre monde, belle Alice, on a besoin de toi.

Lock 14 júl 2010
Congratulations! :]

coffeegrinder 14 júl 2010
Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

Enrico 14 júl 2010
Your Alice will be the most incredible adventure of your entire life. Many many kisses at your little girl... you rock! Best wishes to all your family. Baci dall'Italia Enrico

Listva 14 júl 2010
Поздравляю от всей души! Какое красивое имя :)

gochick 14 júl 2010
Congrats to you and your wife! Nice name :-)

Cake 14 júl 2010
I've been a lurker for years but I just can't not congratulate you right now. :) Alice is such a lovely name. I wish all the happiness to little Alice and to your family.

Horst Friedsam 14 júl 2010
Congratulations also from Germany!

yasmeen 15 júl 2010
Congratulations Vlad.. enjoy your little girl and watch her grow .. I have two boys so I missed having a girl. They are so sweet.

Grob 15 júl 2010
Congratulations, Vlad, to you and Mrs! :)

Babak Rezapoor 15 júl 2010
congrats! Hope for health and prosperity for the new born.

WOUT 15 júl 2010
Congratulations!From Costa Rica.

Stefano Bagnatica 16 júl 2010
Congratulations! I also am father of a two months baby.. it's really a life-changing event.

Maidelys 16 júl 2010

Coline Bettson 17 júl 2010
Alice will be so proud of your talent in art! cheers ! Coline

Елена 18 júl 2010
ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ!!!!! Доченьке хорошего аппетита и спокойного сна,а мамочке побольше молочка! :))) Рада за вас!!!

Gianluca Pravettoni 20 júl 2010
Congratulations to all your family from Italy

Nati 20 júl 2010
Congratulations to your family

Anna 21 júl 2010
Sincere congratulations to you all. Enjoy the adventures that await you all. :)

Wendy 23 júl 2010
Congrats on the birth of Alice! Hope mom and baby both are doing well!

Zampa 23 júl 2010
"May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand." A Irish Blessing from Italy!!!!

Mélanie 26 júl 2010
Congratulations Vlad, this is GREAT news :)))

JosephNg 30 júl 2010
Congratulations! Must be a nice cute angel.

jOEl 30 júl 2010
Congratulations! on my birthday !!!!!!!! i can't forget this

Martin Hsu 3 august 2010
Congratulations from buenos aires, argentina!!! Im very glad for you!!! Sometime you can make a wallpaper of buenos aires, its a very beautiful city!!! thx!!!

Linche 8 august 2010
Congratulations to you and Mommy!

Beppe Bravi 23 august 2010
What a nice news :D Congratulations from a new italian fan :)

Laryna Tanya 21 september 2010
Замечательный шедевр! А еще больше мне нравятся чувства создавшего его).

Daniele Mambelli 13 júl 2010
Wonderful! Great news! Congratulation!

pquadrat 13 júl 2010
From father 2 father: My best wishes to you, your daughter and your whole family! May the sun always shine, the flowers always bloom, and your daughter always smile.

Lim Lian Tze 14 júl 2010
Congratulations!! Brace for sleepless nights ahead.

Kathrin 14 júl 2010
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! congrats!!!!!!! :)

Jacek Stromecki 14 júl 2010
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gerasimov :-)

Paul Prandi 14 júl 2010
Congratulations also from Italy !!!

Illya Termeno 14 júl 2010
Поздравляю! Пусть дочь унаследует талант.

NiBBleS 14 júl 2010

lwl 14 júl 2010
Congratulations! 恭喜恭喜!

Electronic Knight 14 júl 2010
Congratulations from China!

Davidz 14 júl 2010

Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann 14 júl 2010
Welcome to this world full of wonders, Alice!

Marina 14 júl 2010
This is marvelous! Congratulations to you, your family and Alice :)

Anna Wallace 14 júl 2010
Congratulations and Celebrations! And All the Best, Best Wishes for Alice! 14 júl 2010
What a beautiful notice and wallpaper!. Having a baby is one of the most wonderful presents we can receive in life. Although we usually don't understand that until we are old they are gone. Congratulations Vlad, I wish you and your family a lot of happy moments together.

Heini 14 júl 2010
Congratulations to you and your family! Now your source for inspiration is endless.

Kerstin Schreck 14 júl 2010
Congratulations to the newborn. I´m sure it was the greatest day in your life and I wish you and your family all the best and a lot of sunshine in your life! Hugs from Germany, Kerstin

Ale 14 júl 2010
Congratulations! and best wishes for you, your little Alice and all your family!

15 júl 2010
Congratulations from Spain!

Terry Veiga 15 júl 2010
So rich. So pure. So true. God Bless.

Kees de Koster 15 júl 2010
Welcome Alice, and the proud parents, congratulated!

tusen 15 júl 2010
Congratulations and warmest wishes for little Alice and for your whole family

Luciana Guevara 16 júl 2010

Andrej, Köln 16 júl 2010
Willkommen im Leben, kleine Prinzessin! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Donna Gorman 17 júl 2010
Big congratulations, Vlad! You create beauty where ever you go! ;)

rachel wente-Chaney 17 júl 2010
Congrats, Vlad! I've enjoyed your wallpapers for years and couldn't be happier to hear that you have a new inspiration in your life. Enjoy the newborn months and hold on for all the ones that follow! Lots of fun (and worry) ahead....

Athena 18 júl 2010

Vida Hernaus 19 júl 2010
aww, congrats :)

Boba 20 júl 2010
Being a father myself, I can only say: congratulations artist! ;)

Vasco Veloso 21 júl 2010
Congratulations to all your family from Portugal!

ejly 22 júl 2010
Congrats! I'm happy for you. Can't wait to see how this life-change inspires your future art.

Guy 25 júl 2010
great news, congratulations Vlad. All the best to your family.

Guy 25 júl 2010
great news, congratulations Vlad. All the best to your family.

Gabriele Pentland 25 júl 2010
congratulations :)

Alice 29 júl 2010
Congratulations on your Alice! I am an Alice, too. I am the first born (in a family of 5 daughters) and my birthday is July 1st!!! Such similarities!

Lynn M 1 august 2010
Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I wish all of you good health, happiness and joy always!

Marco 4 august 2010
Congratulations Vlad…! I love the name you've choose. Best wishes!!

Photoshop Clipping Path (US) 11 august 2010

Jade 26 august 2010
Congratulations :)

Calaya 29 september 2010
Through your drawings you bring smiles around; may your little Alice's life be full of them!

Suresh 19 november 2010
HI Vlad, This is suresh from india. We loved this illustration which has life in it and showed to my little one year daugther she smiled and showed her happiness as papa papa (baby in english). I loved it. Then read about ur blogs, ur illustrations is life which has so much passion and love towards the creative artist. I love ur works and especially little alice. My wishes to you and your family being a father of little daughter i know how much happiness they make us, we will be often tied up with work, but dont miss each and every golden moment of the kid as i missed it many times due to work.

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