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Introducing Vladstudio Shop

{1 máj 2009}

Many of my older and newer artworks are now available for purchase as various products, such as mousepads, mugs, t-shirts and even aprons :-). The store front page is here -

You can also view available products from each wallpaper page (click product icons under wallpaper image).

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Komentáre {6}

A1Elements 1 máj 2009
Once again, you've just SHOCKED us. Keep up the good work man, ;-)

George 1 máj 2009
Would it be possible to have more colors, than white, for the T-Shirts? Some of them will look good on a blue or red or green shirt. Think about it! :)

ejly 2 máj 2009
Yea! Nice job. My kid likes your kiwi image and I'd like to find the t-shirt... unfortunately the shop doesn't seem to page forward on my Mac Safari or Firefox browser or on my PC FIrefox browser. Is there a way to search?

Martijn van Steenbergen 1 máj 2009
That's really cool. :-) Congratulations! I'm sure many people would love to have your work on something tangible.

Georgios 1 máj 2009
OK apologies. I just woke up :) It turns out you *can* customize the colors using the big "customize it" button from each produce page. Happy day!

Vlad Gerasimov 2 máj 2009
Thanks! Ejly: there is no t-shirt for Kiwikiwi yet - it will be published tomorrow. Thanks!

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