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Introducing Vladstudio Puzzles for iPhone!

{18 december 2009}

Great news! My puzzles are coming to your iPhones! Check out the game:

Thanks to the developer, Jacob Bandes-Storch, for his hard work. Vladstudio Puzzles has been submitted to the App Store and is currently in review. ollow @puzzlesapp on Twitter for status updates! Or, visit the page above, enter your e-mail below and we'll notify you when the game is released.

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Sedma 19 december 2009
Now, I wish I have iPhone :) That's fantastic, you're full of brilliant ideas. Btw, I would like so much to see puzzles (in online version) with some of your old wallpapers (esp Noel). Is it possible? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear Vlad! And let all your dreams come true <3 :) (sorry for double post but it didn't show the whole post. I hope it will now)

ejly 23 december 2009
hooray and congrats! I downloaded it today. Did the game seriously only take 5 days from submission to approval? That's lightning quick! I have a trip coming up and I'm looking forward to having this game to play with your beautiful art.

deveta 27 január 2010
Hayy, not fair it's only for Iphone :( I have a HTC HD2 - would it work there too?

Daniel 25 február 2010
Diese Seite hat tolle Hintergrundbilder doch es kommen nicht so schnell neue Bilder dazu.

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