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Introducing Vladstudio Puzzles!

{23 máj 2009}

I suddenly realized that many of my artworks would be good as jigsaw puzzles. So, after several days of programming and saving images, I proudly introduce the new feature of Vladstudio website: jigsaw puzzles! If you feel bored, have a break and play jigsaw puzzles with Vladstudio artworks!

Check out the puzzles here:

You can play them in your browser, no plug-ins or downloads!

If you have any comments or bug reports, please send me e-mail to, please make sure to mention what browser you use.

I dedicate this new feature to my wife Ira, who is crazy lover of all kinds of puzzles :-)

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Komentáre {17}

Soleil 23 máj 2009
Oh, Vlad, I like this so much. Thank you! Your creativity is endless! Really :)

24 máj 2009
Great! One suggestion: is it possible to add a "save" feature? It's challenging for me to solve "hard" and "insane" levels as one shot...

Daniel Pfuhl 24 máj 2009
Great work Vlad!! I played puzzle years ago and tend to forget how much fun it is. Thanks for that nice way of reminding me!!

Vlad Gerasimov 24 máj 2009
Thanks! The Save idea is interesting - i'm not sure if I will be able to program it but I can try.

Jaideep Nadkarni 26 máj 2009
This is a great fun idea. It also makes us remember every work of yours in detail. I love the pause feature in it. That makes it convenient for us to take a break from the break. Good work, Vlad.

porqpine 27 máj 2009
Nothing to add - unbelievable and creative idea how to use your works in another way!

Gretchen K Wingert 12 jún 2009
I love might turn out to be addicting!!! Thank you very much Vlad.

Sedma 5 september 2009
Hi again! I just wanted to ask you is there any chance that you'll make puzzles with some of your older wallpapers? Thank you in advance :-)

paskuale 3 máj 2011
hello beautiful puzzles! Use some special tools to extract the pieces from a raw image? I'm going crazy with photoshop:)

Sasha Maximova 23 máj 2009
Vlad! Great as usual. Be sure to have my youngest as a customer now!

Lewys 23 máj 2009
Oh yes. This could be fun. Nice work.

Carina 24 máj 2009
Love the puzzles. Now I know what to to do when I'm waiting on a download....puzzles!

Laura Allan 24 máj 2009
Great fun... thanks for this :)

Marc Bleichenbacher 24 máj 2009
Truly awesome idea!! Great

Vlad Gerasimov 25 máj 2009
Well I spent a night programming and added the following features - Pause (stops timer until you drag a piece) and Save (for registered users only - saves game to your account so that you can continue game later). Enjoy :-)

Sedma 5 jún 2009
I felt in love with your work the moment I saw Noel wallpaper. Half of your work is among my favorites on deviantart. I knew that you're a genius, but this is beyond my expectations. I adore puzzles, esp Unicef's (mostly because of images) but this is even better, puzzle with your images, fantastic combination :-)) Thank you so much for sharing your work!

Moni Janzen 21 september 2009
I love the puzzles, no .... I'm addicted to them! It is kind of meditating and at the same time it teaches you looking closely at the details and changes of color. Every time I do a puzzle, I newly discover your wonderful wallpapers.

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