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Introducing Vladstudio Blog!

{3 január 2008}

Finally, I transformed out-dated Journal (with simple notes) into blog (with posts, comments and everything else). I will keep it short because I draw better than write :-)

As any blog, it will be a place for me to post my thoughts, links to sites I liked, reviews, ideas, etc.

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Komentáre {9}

Ms Dusty Wolf 5 január 2008
Vlad, I would like to see you do some art work permoting "peace". Can you do a series of Art work for "Peace"? Thank you.

havlikp 12 január 2008
good luck with blogging, it's hard :-)

Melanie 24 február 2008
I really love your wallpapers!

Lovefun 25 február 2008
hehe I'm chinese but I like your creating wallpaper I hope you to create very very lots of wallpapers

Kat 25 máj 2013
I cannot figure out how to download the wallpapers. There are no instructions for that, no contact link, no download link, no sign-up link. All I can do is look at the wonderful pictures on the website.

Donna Gabriel 30 máj 2013
We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.

Miguel Cervantes-Cervantes 9 január 2008
Great move to have a blog in your already well-organized web site. I'll try to follow your example and perhaps combine my four or five e-journals into a single one! Thanks again for leading the pack.

James Laurita III 11 január 2008
Love your site and your work. Only request I would make, and I believe some others would like it as well, would be to get the background wallpaper from your Christmas login - XP version and Christmas login - OS X version wallpapers. I love the way they look, I just can't find them as a background only anywhere. Other than that, things are great!

Vlad Gerasimov 25 máj 2013
Kat - it depends on what your operating system is. There are links to YouTube videos with help on every wallpaper page. Please contact me directly - using contact form - if you need further help. Thanks!

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