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Introducing Magic Baby Gifts!

{28 apríl 2010}

I'm happy to announce a new feature of Vladstudio - Magic Baby Gifts! Right now, there is only one gift available, but more coming soon.

Give your baby a very special gift - a cartoon designed specially for him or her! Your baby will become the main character of animated movie, enjoying the company of fairy-tale creatures from Vladstudio.

Movie is created by my sister, Julia. Many thanks to her!

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Komentáre {3}

Giovanni Pirolli 6 máj 2010
a great idea! original and a beautiful gift even for children older than babies

Ariadna 6 máj 2010
Beautiful! such a lovely present for babies...and maybe particularly more special for parents

Herb Wild 17 máj 2010
Just downloaded our grand daughters birthday gift. Was very impressed when my wife called me upstairs to view it and she was crying like a baby. Great gift that will last a lifetime. Thanks

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