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Introducing 2010 calendar!

{27 november 2009}

Enjoy 2010 from January till December with artworks from Vladstudio!


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20 mb, jpg, for personal use only

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Komentáre {22}

Matthew Harper 27 november 2009
That is so awesome! Many, many thanks...

Igor 27 november 2009
yeah, give us september! :)

Shayesteh 27 november 2009

marie 28 november 2009
Im a new member for life... thx Vlad and hi all : )

pfennig59 28 november 2009
It's almost perfect. To make it absolutely perfect I wish for a cover page. Pretty please!

Vlad Gerasimov 30 november 2009
VladFan: Thanks! I'll try to create a copy with Sunday week. I tried various programs to save calendar as PDF, and they all make images quality much worse. So I prefer to keep JPG files.

Zkiyama Akihiro 7 december 2009
thanks , it's perfect

존나 7 december 2009
여기 모야?존나 이상해

pfennig59 19 december 2009
Thanks, again, Vlad. Your calendar already beautifies my wall. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

1 január 2010
qko samo piene :)

teodora 3 január 2010
I do not see anywhere calendar.sorry

Sammy 4 február 2010
thank you for the calendar 고마와요

haana 16 apríl 2010
thank you

Tonya 27 november 2009
There are two "aprils" in the calendar, but no september. Please, give us september!

Vlad Gerasimov 27 november 2009
Oops! Did I mention I've been doing this calendar until 3am? :-) Mistake fixed! Thanks for report.

Vida Hernaus 27 november 2009
*thumbsup* :)

Carmelo Delgado 28 november 2009
Thank You, that is perfect!

VladFan 28 november 2009
Great! I love it! However, a few suggestions for next time: - Start the week with Sunday instead of Monday - Use PDF format (it is easier to print) Otherwise, great job as always!

oskar 4 december 2009
Привет! I really like your style. Thank you for your inspirational work. Grettings from germany.

dims 8 december 2009
Привет, Влад. Огромное спасибо за календарь и идею подарка - хочу подарить его девушке на НГ, надеюсь, это не считается за коммерческое использование? ;) Вопрос: можно ли выложить тоже самое без календарной сетки, т.к. я хотел бы напечатать её на отдельном листе?

Александр Сидоров 9 január 2010
Влад, это шедевр! Спасибо. Очень понравился!!!

IMVF 26 február 2010
I am your G.F. (Good Friend)

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