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18 január 2013

Vladstudio website visitor writes...

"Hi Vlad! Congratulations for your unique-style art. It seems that one of your creations, inspired the local theater of Elassona, a small beautiful town in Greece where i was been for some days in December. They printed a giant version of the word-inversed wallpaper decorating a wall in addition with some traditional-dressed dolls symbolizing various cultures across the world."


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Dz · 25 január 2013
That's really great!

Gal · 28 február 2013
so cool...

hermes2000 · 19 apríl 2013
I'm from Greece and i also love your work! Well done Vlad!

Sotirios Soulantikas · 9 marec 2015
@ Yannis "Σπίτι χωρίς Γιάννη δε γιάνει!" (a home without John (yannis-γιάννης) won't be a good home!) 'Γιάννης' name is common in the Thessaly region (especially in Elassona), so common that people coined the phrase in quotes! Elassona is a beautiful place with natural beauty and great people; not to mention the amazing quality of meats and cheeses one can find there!

Júda Ronén · 1 február 2013

ankit pasi · 26 február 2013
Wow! Looks really good on a wall.

Ho Tuan Kiet · 13 august 2013
So cool :D

Yannis · 31 január 2014
I m from Greece too and I am amazed by your work! Really good!

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