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I am promoted as Master Skinner at

{16 január 2009}

January is surprisingly difficult month this year, but there are some good news in it too. I woke up today to find out that I was I am promoted as Master Skinner at! The article is here:

Thanks :-)

← Birthday gift from my sister, Julia Valentine's Day goodies from Vladstudio! →

Komentáre {27}

pfennig59 16 január 2009
Congratulations, Vlad! It's certainly well deserved.

mark 16 január 2009
Well deserved. Congrats!

mIlagro Haack 16 január 2009
Felicitaciones y muchos más éxitos para ti...

16 január 2009
Congratulations,im sure you deserved it!=)

Marie E. Medlin 16 január 2009
WTG you !!! it is much deserved. keep up the great work. MEM

miky 16 január 2009
bravo Vlad

beer.snob.chick 16 január 2009
Awesome news, Vlad! Congratulations!

Chicho 17 január 2009
Felicidades, estoy totalmente de acuerdo¡¡¡

maxim shevertalov 17 január 2009
Congrats, it is well deserved.

Terrence Ramsey 18 január 2009
Congratulations Vlad! Your work deserves it! My desktops are almost always adorned with your wallpapers!

Jaideep Nadkarni 19 január 2009
Yippee... Congratulations and a hearty hug. You very much deserve that honour. Proud and happy for you.

Steven 28 január 2009
More than deserved!!! Great work!!

Maria 28 január 2009
You are so very talented! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your art!

Denis 7 február 2009
Bravo Vlad and keep going! We are delighted by your artworks.

Tippytoenail 19 marec 2009
You are a Master. I can't wait see your work afew years from now!!!

Emilia Delacroix 16 január 2009
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S , V L A D ! ! ! Your pictures are really wonderful! I enjoy them a lot! I am very glad for this good news!

Missmath 16 január 2009
Toutes mes félicitations. We can read : "Vlad is one of the most talented and creative wallpaper artists I have ever seen. " I would rather say "Vlad is the most talented and creative wallpaper artist". You certainly deserve this promotion and many other site like this will eventually recognize your work. I'm pretty sure that many people from all around the world with different cultures appreciate what you do and this is a demonstration of your talent. Merci pour toutes ces belles créations et j'espère que votre succès ira grandissant. Missmath

Spencer 16 január 2009
Congrats Vlad, well deserved!

Leti 17 január 2009
¡Felicitaciones!, muy bien merecido

Donna Gorman 17 január 2009
Congrats, Vlad! But honestly, this should have happened a long time ago!!! You are the best!

Eliza 17 január 2009
Fantastisch! Je heb het helemaal verdiend! Had veel eerder gemoeten....

tamalita 19 január 2009
congratulations!!! fantastic!

Pedro 22 január 2009
Vlad, congrats! Love your work.

Claudio Vinciguerra 24 január 2009
Fantastic.... cogratultions Vlad.

Ingo 29 január 2009
Awesome. Vlad, aka The Unstopable, is going to take over ... the WORLD!

Natalia 5 február 2009
Your great! I have all the time on my desktop your wallpapers...! Keep on going in this way... Natalia (from Romania)!

ron 11 apríl 2009
i just visited the win customize site and it is cool you really deserve the promotion .Now i have another favorite site.

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