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Get 3-month registration for free! (Only today)

{10 august 2009}

To celebrate my wedding anniversary, I am giving away 3-month registrations for free!

UPDATE: the free registration day is over - welcome 4260 new users, and goodbye 1 Terabyte of bandwidth :-)

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Komentáre {51}

Moni 10 august 2009
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! And of course many thanks for the 3-month registration for free. Yours, Moni

Athena Zhu 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary! And thank you:)!

黯然销魂剑 10 august 2009

Karl Yeurl 10 august 2009
Congratulations ! =) Is that a special anniversary ? Thanks for sharing your happiness :).

Radek Hulán 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing your wonderful work!

Nick Khomchuk 10 august 2009
Vlad, congatulations!

tehmantra 10 august 2009
Swish Happy Anniversary, and thank you!

Fredrik Svane 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary, Vlad. Great site, I'm a frequent visitor and tipser.

Christoph 10 august 2009
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Thanks for the 3-months free!

Hoang Trong Tien 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary Thanks for the 3-months free!

Missmath 10 august 2009
Bon anniversaire de mariage, que l'amour ne quitte pas votre foyer.

Alexander 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary! And thank you!!!!!!!!!!

sungbae park 10 august 2009
Happy your anniversary day! Have a good time with your wife forever.....

Zhiyu Shang 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary. It's so kind of you.

Maria Reeves 10 august 2009
Congratulations, felicidades, and many years of happiness to come to both of you special people. Maria

Mohammad Safdel 10 august 2009

11 august 2009
¡¡FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!! te deseo toda la felicidad del mundo. Gracias por los 3 meses gratis

desirae 11 august 2009
Happy day! Thanks so much for the 3 month gift =)

ALkahest 11 august 2009
Congratulations vlad and thank-you for the nice gift! =) I wish you and your wife longlevity and happiness. May fortune smile upon you always!

axe 11 august 2009
結婚記念日おめでとうございます。 末永くお幸せに。 そしてありがとう! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Happiness forever. And thank you!

idealic 11 august 2009
allright :) ty for this offer & of course happy anniversary!

Andrew Arutunyan 11 august 2009
Искренние поздравления! P.S. Огромное спасибо за регистрацию :)

pfennig59 11 august 2009
Happy anniversary to you and your wife. And congrats for attracting so many new subscribers :)

Foxter 11 august 2009
Thank you very much!

Darshan 13 august 2009
Congratulations Vlad on your wedding anniversary. So how many years have you both been enjoying bliss of married life? Wish you luck for many more to come.

dawdlex3 19 august 2009
Happy *belated* anniversary! I missed the free 3-month registration... but I'll still support your artwork : )

Luke Sky Walker 10 august 2009
Many Thanks and I wish you and your wife all the best. God bless u.

Kat 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary to you and your wife! More blessings on you both! :)

Monika 10 august 2009
You're the best :) Congratulations!

Dmitry KID 10 august 2009
Thank You very much!!!

Ghisa 10 august 2009
Hey... it's very unusual... a man *still* happy to be an husband. People are strange :-) No, i'm kidding... Happy anniversary Thank you! Have a wonderful day

bee 10 august 2009
Thanks a lot - and all the best!

samira 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary! And thank you!

Fabio 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary, and thank you for your kind gift!

Emilia 10 august 2009
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRESENT! We are very lucky for receiving presents on YOUR anniversary! Thank you! Have a happy day!

Martin 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary! A very nice gift to your many fans.

Parvez Islam 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary to you and you wife! btw, your the best at giving away free offers!! i'm so excited about it...

Elring 10 august 2009
Happy anniversary and thank you for your royal gift.

zd0901 10 august 2009
谢谢你漂亮的墙纸 祝你们永远幸福,地久天长—— Thank you for your beautiful wallpaper I wish you happiness forever, to long-long --

Widescreen 10 august 2009
im a lifetime member but thanks for the thought :) and i hope you have a really nice anniversary.... congratulations!!!!

vasam 11 august 2009
Congratulations on your anniversary! Thanks very much for 3-month registration!

desirae 11 august 2009
Happy day! And thanks so much for the free registration =)

Luis G. Gomez Osuna 11 august 2009
Happy Anniversary Vlad!!! You should be getting gifts instead of giving them. Thank you for your generosity and I wish you many more years of happiness in your marriage.

Andrew 11 august 2009
Huge congrats Vlad - I'm sure your life partner enjoys your creative work as much as the rest us!

(unknown) 11 august 2009
This is a great deal Vlad !!!! Thanks so much! This is my favorite wallpaper site by Far

Eugene Lau 11 august 2009
Thanks for the present and happy anniversary!!! Cheerios!

Happy wedding anniversary vlad!!!! And what a way to celebrate it.Thanks for the free 3 month subscription.

michele alberti 11 august 2009
Happy anniversary! Thanks, you're gift is the best!

Lidia 12 august 2009
Не знаю, как вас и благодарить! Мои поздравления вам и вашей семье. Спасибо и счастья!

Lim Lian Tze 14 august 2009
Thank you VERY much for your generosity. Wishing you dozens of happy decades more!

Anand 3 október 2009
I missed, though not sad as it's best place for wallpaper and related. One request please make space for free registered users, so that they may be benefited and you fetch new customers in future. As is fact if anyone is not capable of buying presently, in future he will surely will. I will fetch lifetime account here as soon as I get transferred money in my account. Anyway thanks for all these.

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