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Companion for Mac version 2 users - please downgrade

{30 jún 2009}

After Companion for Mac was upgraded to version 2.0.1, I received many complaints from users saying that the program downloads wallpapers but does not actually sets them to desktop. Unfortunately, I did not hear back from the software developer about this yet. If you experience this problem too, please delete Vladstudio Companion, then download and install previous version:

It will immediately ask you to update - be sure to click "Skip this version" button.

Or, if you are registered user of Vladstudio, you can create your unique RSS feed and change my wallpapers on your desktop without Vladstudio Companion! Read how to do it:

← Introducing media RSS feed! (and why you might need it) Introducing Vladstudio Wordpress themes and HTML templates! →

Komentáre {2}

Neil Winton 12 júl 2009
Thanks for the warning! I'll wait for the fixed version...

太酷了! 13 júl 2009
我操,太酷了。 卧槽,她哭了。

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