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Another OS with default wallpaper from Vladstudio - Kubuntu 8.04

{3 február 2008}

Recently, one of my wallpapers was selected to be default wallpaper for KDE 4.0, desktop environment for Linux. And today I am glad to announce that another OS will have my wallpaper pre-installed: Kubuntu 8.04. The selected wallpaper is Tend to Zero. Looks like more and more OSes with my wallpapers! :-)

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Komentáre {19}

Nanda 3 február 2008

hintze 3 február 2008
o_O and linux is not an operating system, its a kernel of an operating system. the operating system is called GNU. if GNU has linux as kernel, it is called GNU/Linux. if it has hurd as kernel, it is called GNU/Hurd. but what does it matter? so what if it is an operating system, an environment or a distribution? i think it is great that his wallpaper can be enjoyed by so many people using the next version of kubuntu :)

Evan 4 február 2008

spawnhead 4 február 2008
very cool.

Kareem Khazem 6 február 2008
Good job! Maybe the next operating system to have your wallpaper will be Mac OSX 10.6...

slashdotfx 12 február 2008
vlad, another great achievement, you get the attentions of millions user worldwide! congratulation, great works!

Bartosz Fabianowski 27 február 2008
I stumbled upon your website via a link from the KDE 4 default wallpaper contest page... and am now a lifetime subscriber. Let's hope more people discover your work through those default wallpapers.

Radtoo 6 máj 2008
I came to your webpage from a Linux related one. Have to say you're a great artist, both for the actual art and the way you run things on the business side & contributions! I bought my mom a lifetime subscription, and may add another for myself later... :)

zooz 3 február 2008
This is great - for you and for kubuntu

Daniel Aleksandersen 3 február 2008
KDE is a desktop environment, not an operating system. KUbuntu is a distribution of GNU/Linux, KDE, and other software; not an operating system. Linux is the operating system. KDE is the environment. KUbuntu is the distribution (that have chosen not to modify KDE’s default wallpaper).

Jennifer 3 február 2008
I've loved your wallpapers for years. This is wonderful news.

Marcel 4 február 2008
I'm happy to hear that

Evan 4 február 2008

Brenda 5 február 2008
Congratulations!! I have always love your wallpapers and I'm happy to see them on linux.

Vlad Gerasimov 6 február 2008
Kareem: hehe, I'd love that!

phontanka 16 február 2008
I was happy to read this info on the Kubuntu site a couple of days ago in Kubuntu Hardy Alpha 4's announcement. Anyway, I've been using your wallpapers on previous Kubuntu editions as well. Congratulations on your wonderful work!

Lynoure 16 marec 2008
Seems it got removed. I saw it in Alpha6 and loved it. I guess there was a licence issue?

nareshov 23 marec 2008
Yes, it did get removed. If I recall rightly, discussion showed that it was "distraction" as a wallpaper. I personally loved it though.

JML 16 jún 2008
I saw your artwork was also chosen for the phpBB site. I'm glad to see it again.

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