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[!] Your suggestions for Vladstudio site?

{3 január 2008}

Do you have any suggestions for Vladstudio site? Write them in the comments to this post! I will be reviewing it frequently.

Though I cannot guarantee prompt replying, as well as implementing all the ideas, I'd really like to know your opinon about how my site can be further improved. Your suggestions are very welcome!

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Komentáre {45}

Richard 4 január 2008
Your site is perfect. No, serious - I've never come across such a well made web site.

Safar Vedadi-Amin 5 január 2008
Vlad ur art is Number1,... As LucasDT said ur website is my homepage in my PC & my notebook as well,... Also i added ur feeds i my mobile phone :D. I love ur site, because ur art is unique, you're professional in working with design softwares, specially photoshop. U know how to use colors and got cool ideas in ur wallpapers. Ur site is perfect, i can find anything about my favorites in ur site. I recommended ur site to anyone that deal with art design.

Vlad Gerasimov 5 január 2008
Thanks a lot everyone! I hope to find time to implement all ideas soon.

Dusty Wolf 5 január 2008
I would like to see your picture posted on here somewhere. I would like the opportunity to match a face to all these wonderful drawings. Thanks!

kingfederer 7 január 2008
hey vlad! this site is perfect.. but pleeeeeaaaassse make a wallpaper about global warming.. i'm begging you.. :p

smargypants 8 január 2008

Holden 9 január 2008
I'm all for a global warming wallpaper. (And your picture, too!)

djudi 10 január 2008
Очень нравиться твой сайт, часто захожу и любуюсь)) Так держать!!! P.S. С Днем Рождения! Творческих успехов!!!

jacq 12 január 2008
Thanks for very cute pictures, i really adore them ... Here is just an idea, might you create some pictures/symbols for rooms /toillet, bathroom, .../

Daniel Aleksandersen 13 január 2008
Paying consumers should be allowed to set their preferred wallpaper resolution as a permanent setting in their accounts! Maybe even have a backup resolution if the preferred is not available.

Vlad Gerasimov 13 január 2008
Daniel Aleksandersen: oh! Why did I not have this idea before? I'll program it ASAP. To all: thanks for the suggestions! I'll program them ASAP too :-)

aleksandar 14 január 2008
embed pics in rss (small format is either ok).

dobrych 14 január 2008
my vote for small preview of images in rss feed!

Graphophobic 14 január 2008
Love the wallpapers and ended up taking up your lifetime membership. As a member your watermark isn't on the wallpapers. I do like this however your wallpapers are seen by many people as they walk past my desk at work. I would love the option of downloading Hi-Res copies of the wallpapers with the watermark so that others can see where the image came from.

Milica 22 január 2008
We share the same idea, Dusty Wolf! Yes, I would also like to see a picture of the man who does such a wonderful artwork. I'd like to find out whose face is standing behind all these ideas, make you "real". :)

Дми́трий Калашников 27 január 2008
Наилучшим образом, я думаю хорошего backround был бы различного животного. Как один из изолировать вала в мире. Сделайте что-то как очень различная тварь и положите титр для его. Спасибо, и до свидания

Eric Mathieu 29 január 2008
I've signed up as a lifetime member, and I love your work! The companion software works great on my Windows XP boxes at work, but the companion for Mac OS X has not been very stable for me - at times it works great, but it often goes to a "not responding" state, and I have to kill it and relaunch. I am running OS X Leopard, so it may be that it just needs to be updated, but I know that it was written by a 3rd party, so just curious if there were any plans for updates? Keep up the great work!

MuzikJunky 8 marec 2008
I have a suggestion: Afrocentric wallpapers. You’re always doing European cities, cathedrals, etc. How about some African cities (such as in the style of those gorgeous maps you did of New York, Dubai, Paris, and London), and instead of guitars and cellos, how about a Roland TR-808 drum machine instead? Lastly, 1440 x 900 should be free instead of having to play pot luck in the hopes that you post that size on Apple’s Web site. Thanks a lot. Peace. 31 marec 2008
thanks for the post..your posts are really informative...keepup the good work man..added to my bookmark list..

Duarte Nunes 3 apríl 2008
Congratulations Vlad, you are one of the best graphic designers out there. The site looks fantastic, very simple and clean. Keep up the good work.

mother son wedding dance songs 26 november 2008
Thanks for the best information.

Spacepixel 18 máj 2009
I would like to have a way to suggest sites that you might like and put on your homepage! Another thing would be being able to get a free-membership type deal. That is unless there already is one of those that I haven't found yet... Other than that, THREE THUMBS UP

Stefano 27 apríl 2011
Damn it. This comment, and my previous one, are about a blog entry: '[!] Your suggestions for Vladstudio site?' And here's another suggestion: fill the "about" field also when the comment is about a blog entry, or it will be blank (and quite meaningless) in the "Latest comments" section of the homepage! :-)

Stefano 27 apríl 2011
Sure! What about a small cockade? Here's what I mean: ''. More rewarding, 'be exclusive!' feel, instead of 'you are going to pay for this' ;)

LucasDT 4 január 2008
I would link the image of Vladstudio on the upper left corner with the homepage, so yo can go to the homepage by clickin on "home" button or on the Vladstudio logo. Just a suggestion.

Journeyer 5 január 2008
I think that for each wallpaper added, it would be nice if you included the date posted along with the number of views.

? 5 január 2008
Your site is great. Just one suggestion, Make dual-monitor wallpapers free.

Lonnie Wong Veros 5 január 2008
Congratulations on a wonderful website and some fabulously creative wallpapers etc! My suggestion would be to have the Wall Clocks program (OS X) have the ability to change the wall clock based on an interval defined by the user (like your Companion program for wallpaper). Otherwise, fabulous work!

Jeffrey Gibbons 7 január 2008
How about a zip pack for dual monitor wallpaper? And widescreen dual monitor wallpaper for all the dual monitor versions? I wasn't aware that most of the dual monitor ones were at a lower resolution...

TSiRKO 9 január 2008
Hey there! Your site is wonderful! wish i had catch up the christmas offer! :( anyway could you try to create some flash wallpapers for mobiles :)? P.S. You are a wonderful artist! P.S.2 I think you should try to make some walls about global warning too.

Jess 10 január 2008
Global warming indeed, something sessional, icy or dark. Possibly a map style one but of antartica? The tutorials are fantastic as well, they really help to improve skills, maybe some more of these? Hope I'm not asking for too much... THANKS!

bpeople 12 január 2008
You could make some screencasts in your Tutorial section. They are very intuitive and easy to follow.

Nicolas Ledez 13 január 2008
My which list ;) : - Separate RSS for : * Wallpaper * Wall clock * Blog Thanks for great site/wallpaper/tutorials/etc

Victor Hugo 13 január 2008
Hey, could it be possible just to pay for a specific wallpaper and don't need to register for a pair of months, like iTunes does with the songs.

Vlad Gerasimov 14 január 2008
Done! RSS feed now includes previews of wallpapers and clocks. Thanks for suggestion :-)

Alexandra 19 január 2008
I'd just like some more Tutorials... because I've tried them all already, and I've developed some nice Photoshop skills (I'm getting quite good at it, actually... ) but of course there is lots of room for improvement, and, honestly, your tutorials are the only ones that actually help me. Lost of "thank you" 's from Romania.

Sasha Golikov 27 január 2008
Я думаю, то изображение Россия было бы очень холодно. Возможно как красный квадрат, или изображение некоторого места в Москва, или Ст Петерсбург. P.S: Это место за amazeing. И я радостен русский одно представляя его.

anchor 29 január 2008
I would really like see a tutorial about some of the tehniques you used in some of your other wallpapers. Like golden fire or the one with planet earth and the planes. Those would be really interesting. Nice work so far. I wish you good luck and career prosperity.

Vesna 3 február 2008
Hi! I don't have suggestions for changing anything about this site. I just want to say that it's absolutely perfect. I'm delighted with all those stuff, Vlad is making for all of us. Thank you for a good mood I'm in, while looking a site. Wish you a lot of success in the future work :-)

Josmil1 4 február 2008
Your website is great. I recommended it to all the readers of my blog ( I am very impressed with your new e-cards. My actual wallpaper is Planet Earth - Inversed. I just would like to have a similar one but more realistic, with water textures and landscape. What do you think? You can be really proud. Outstanding web.

ricardjorg 9 marec 2008
your website is awsome and very well made and all your wallpapers make me smile (some more than others).. and as many said, i would also like to see a picture of yourself.. the self-portrait you have can be a self portait of many people.. keep amazing us all

sraz 15 september 2008
Yes, please make 1440 x 900 free. Your wallpapers are great but I'm not willing to pay for it. How about charging for the less popular resolutions but providing others free of charge (such as 1440 x 900) Otherwise, I absolutely love your work and tutorials

19 máj 2009
Sorry for the double-comment... But I saw your Photoshop tutorials, and I was wondering if you could make some very beginner tutorials to help people who are just getting started

Stefano 27 apríl 2011
Hii, I just loved the idea of popping up such an old thread :-) So, why on earth did you put that green basket icon near the 'Register' link? I really don't get it. And I must admit it took me some time to figure out what it is :-) (I'm pretty sure people get to know about purchasing registration trying to d/l HQ wallpapers, they won't click "Register" just for the sake of it :-) )

Vlad Gerasimov 27 apríl 2011
Stefano: the blank space on homepage was a bug, I fixed it! Thanks for pointing it to me. As for the green basket - well, I just got too used to "cart" icon as a metaphor for "buy something in Internet". Better suggestions? Thanks!

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