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Wave texture background

I was asked how to create wave texture background that I made for one of  my wallpapers. I wrote this tutorial from my answer because it might be useful for someone else. So, to start, we need horizontal stripes background. For that, we need a stripe pattern. Create new document with 4 pixels height (you can also try different size).

Select Pencil tool, 1px size, and draw line on bottom of image.

Go to Edit menu - Define Pattern. Click OK  to create new pattern.

You can close this document now. Create new document, with width and height that you need. Fill with solid color (blue in this example).

Create new layer (Layer menu - New - Layer). Go  to Edit menu - Fill... From Use list, select Pattern, then open Custom pattern list, and select last one (the one that you just saved). Click OK.

The layer will be filled with stripes.

Go to Filter menu - Distort - Wave. Tweak settings until you like the result. In this example, I set number of generators = 1, wavelength = 40 (min and max), amplitude = 4 (min and max).

Our stripes are now waves!

The wave pattern is too sharp now, we need to soften it  a bit. Go  to Filter menu - Blur - Gaussian Blur, set Radius to 1px.

If the pattern looks too blurred now, go  to Edit menu - Fade and adjust the blur effect. I found 60% looks good.

To make the background more interesting, let's add some rust look to it. Create new layer, then switch to Brush tool, select the brush shown in this screenshot.

Fill entire layer with short chaotic strokes (black color).

Create another new layer, set color to white, and repeat.

Finally, set these 2 layers blend mode = Overlay and opacity = 20-30%. That's all!

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Kuma · 26 máj 2008
Very simple, but very effective!:-) Thanks!

Paulina · 30 máj 2008
Wow, your tutorials are always amazing and easy to try to make.

Mucill · 19 jún 2008
simply but amazing....thanks vlad

· 13 december 2008
thanks, it's great

AA · 13 apríl 2009

Beno · 25 jún 2009
Wow, simple and effective! Anyone can do it:D

Robin · 30 júl 2009
Simply but cool.

Admirer of Vlado · 29 august 2009
You and your designs are AWESOME!!!

wielie · 9 september 2009
i wanna made a bg out of it so i had to adjust pattern settings (first step) but it worked fine thx

umesh · 10 október 2009
gooooooooood yaar

· 16 máj 2011

· 24 máj 2011
very good i like .....................

Bharadwaj · 27 máj 2008
Very Useful, Thanks!

Serkan Gürkan · 27 máj 2008
Thanks Vlad..

MOnica Bulgaru · 2 jún 2008
Super nice, very useful

Vishwas · 3 november 2008
You are the inspiration to newbies, keep rocking

NB · 23 február 2009
I really like these tutorials, they are easy to do and the result is fantastic!

· 10 júl 2009

· 24 júl 2009
Клева! Но есть одно но, и оно не по поводу самого урока, он отличный. Почему на английском? Адрес ресурса: если /ru то было бы хорошо все на ru :)

aalasss.. · 17 november 2009

· 15 máj 2011

Farbod · 2 apríl 2012
very nice ^_^

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