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Medusa - making of

This tutorial is quite simple but has some tricks. I made a photo of medusa and wanted to make it blueish, glowing and more unreal. (medusas are unreal creatures by themselves!)

Here is  my original photo. Lets keep it  as is for a while.

Create new document, fill it with blue gradient.

Add new layer, and with very large white brush, put a spot on top of picture.

Apply some blur to this layer, and change its opacity to Soft light or Overlay.

Here is the medusa photo again. I want to get rid of colors (make picture black and white) and the best way for this particular photo is copying information from a channel. Open channels tab, and select the channel that contains best black and white picture (in my case, it was Red).

Copy image (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) from Red channel to RGB channel. Take a look at your Layers panel - if your selected layer is Background, double-click it and rename to something else (because we will need to add transparency and it's not possible with Background layer). And that's where the trick starts! Watch the shortcuts: Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C (copy black and white image) Q, Ctrl-V, Q (paste into mask) Ctrl-Shift-I (invert selection) Del - remove selection Ctrl-U, Lightness = +100 - make all image white. What we just did? We took black/white image, and converted all black color to transparency (leaving only white).

copy this image to previously designed background.

Duplicate layer with medusa and blur it (say, 8-10 pixels).

And last step - change blend mode of layer with Medusa to Overlay, and blend mode of layer with blurred medusa to Soft Light. That's all! :-)

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Komentáre 23

Kenobi · long ago
Wow, very simply , very effective

hama · long ago
well done

Rok · long ago
Really nicely done. @Daniel: PS is expensive.

orsolox (hungary) · long ago
I love this too....!! Congrat!

salina · long ago

Cindy Benavides · long ago
You guys are just amazing! I looove your designs and your creativity!! I loove the optimism and feeling upon all your art! keep it up! (y)

Daniel · long ago
Very nice. I thought that some expensive software was needed.

Sneha · long ago
Pure magic! Seems as though you're playing it on the keyboard as though a maestro would!

sandra · 8 január 2008
hey there. i just found your site and I love your frosted wallpaper. I tried to rebuild it, but I'm having troubles getting the fractals in my photoshop picture with the gradient... I followed your instructions, but since I'm from germany, I'm not sure, if the shortcuts for getting rid of the black background are the same in the German photoshop, cause it doesn't work that way... could you please give the commands for what I have to do. The translating I will do, of course ;) thanks a lot!

cartergreenfield · 17 december 2009
really cool! but this is too hard foe me:-J but i have only one question... when i'm about to do one of these things using your tutorials I'm folowing them step by step but after I finish them they look much diferent, much uglyer...WHY??:))

Marko to Daniel · long ago
"I thought that some expensive software was needed." yes, you need photoshop :-)))

sarmad · long ago
it great

rady · long ago
Not impressive

aritra bhaduri · long ago
simply WOW!

secret say · long ago
i congradulate you on this one,very good

semiramiss · long ago

Mike · long ago
This didn't work for me. Are you using Photoshop CS? I seem to have trouble with Step 7...

Puck · long ago
I kind of wish I could see more medusas, I only found one on interfaceLIFT. :-(

Elena · long ago
Ñî âñåì óâàæåíèåì: Ctrl+Q -âûõîä èç Ôîòîøîïà.

Steve · 3 január 2008
Very nice. :D

sandra · 8 január 2008
I just tried it again and it worked, so thanks anyway! ;)

Spazoid · 18 jún 2009
good tut, I followed the shortcuts but for some reason I didn't get the same "effect" of copy white delete black. I got lost at this step ".....Del - remove selection Ctrl-U, Lightness = +100 - make all image white......"

Pete · 23 august 2009
@ Spazoid: I was stumped there too, my 'medusa' was not white at all. My solution was, after deleting, deselecting (Ctrl-D), that's what Vlad means with 'remove selection'.

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