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Halloween on a Little Planet - making of (video)

Once again I did not forget to turn on screen recording while I created my latest wallpaper, Halloween on  a Little Planet! I recommend that you:

This is  a 5-minute time lapse. If you are curious about any specific details, download real-time 3-hour video here: vladstudio_halloween_little_planet_realtime.m4v (3 hours, 200 mb). Created by Vlad Gerasimov / Music - Lumiere by Camille /

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Komentáre {22}

Joel 27 október 2011

xardok 1 november 2011

11 november 2011

RakuX 19 november 2011
Wow thanks for the video tutorial Vlad!!!

ongap 27 november 2011
По моему одни из лучших туториалов, всегда открываю для себя что-нибудь новое.

ANNELIESSE 2 december 2011

Enigma 24 december 2011
спасибо большое!

Vlad Gerasimov 25 január 2012
Hud1ai2: link fixed, thanks.

vonny 26 január 2012
woww it's verry amazing paint, i like it

Caro 6 jún 2012
One word : "wow !" Many thanks, it's amazing !

victor 5 október 2012
hi vlad, great work! - do you have the full 3 hour video somewhere that I can download? the link to the full video doesn't work. thanks!

maryam 28 október 2011
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!! tnx very much 4 these great tutarials

David 4 november 2011
Vlad, awesome video, thanks for posting! Any plans to do more actual tutorials in the future? I absolutely love the tutorials you've posted in the past! I learn a ton from them.

moonlightglam. 23 november 2011
That is so much work! Thank you for doing all these. :)

ANNELIESSE 2 december 2011

ANNELIESSE 2 december 2011

marta 3 január 2012

Hud1ai2 25 január 2012
The link for the tutorial is dead.

aracely ¡¡¡ 4 apríl 2012
me puedes decir que programa utilizas

pri 4 apríl 2012
amazing. i like it a lot. but the link for the tut is not working..

Vlad Gerasimov 9 október 2012
victor: oops! fixed the link.

Aryana Samimi 21 marec 2013
Making a wallpaper is so hard

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