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Autumn leaves - making of

This wallpaper has been made with custom-created brush. To start, we need a leaf. Here is  a leaf I found in Interned. You can also bring a leaf from the street and scan it :-)

Crop leaf image as necessary, desaturate (Ctrl-Shift-U).

Invert (Ctrl-I) and adjust layers (Ctrl-L) to increase contrast.

Use Magic Wand (W) to remove white background.

Go to Edit menu - Define Brush preset.

Now, when brush is ready, create new document (it will be our wallpaper). Fill it with solid color.

Create new layer, select Brush tool (B) and in Window menu, open Brushes tool window. Select our new brush, then go  to Brush Tip Shape and increase Spacing to some 500-600%.

Then, enable Shape Dynamics, and increase Size Jitter, Minimum diameter and Angle Jitter.

Then, with black brush, make some chaotic strokes to put some leaves nere and there. It  is important that leaves are not overlapped.

Now we have some black leaves, but I want brown ones. To fix that, use Magic Wand to select empty area of layer with leaves...

..then invert selection (Ctrl-Shift-I), create new layer, and fill selection with brown color.

...and then move this new layer BELOW the original layer with leaves. To finish, change blend mode of layer with black leaves to Soft light or Screen (whatever looks better). Merge down (Ctrl-E) to combine these 2 layers into one.

Apply the following layer effects:
- Outer glow: blend mode = multiply, color = dark brown, size = 6-7px;
- Inntr glow: blend mode = multiply, color = light brown, size = 20-25px;
- bevel and emboss: style = inner bevel, size = 1, highlight blend mode = color dodge, highlight color = light brown, shadow opacity = 0 (not needed)

Create new layer, and repeat all steps to create more leaves....

... and again, and again!

To make image more interesting, when you finish a layer with leaves, adjust Hue and Lightness (Ctrl-U) slightly, to make leaves more red or darker... or more green and lighter...

..repeat until entire image is filled.

Now merge all layers (Ctrl-Shift-E), it  is a good idea to save a copy of PSD file before that. For resulting single layer, open layer effects, and add Gradient overlay:
- blend mode = linear burn;
- opacity = about 20%;
- gradient = white to black (reversed);
- style = radial;
- scale = maximum.
This will give us nice fading effect, where image is darkened at the edges.

I thought it  is nice touch to add subtle water drops to the image. Here is how to create them: make new document, pretty small (100x60 pixels as example). fill with grey.

Go to Filters - Noise - Add noise, apply very big noise (200%).

Here goes tricky part:
- switch to quick mask (Q)
- repeat noise effect (Ctrl-F)
- turn off quick mask (Q)
- delete selection (Del).

Repeat previous step again...

..and again, until black dots are not too close to each other.

Resize image to match the size of our wallpaper (for me  it was about 1000%).

Create new layer, fill with white, move white layer BELOW layer with black dots, then merge all layers (Ctrl-Shift-E).

Go to effects - Blur - Gaussian blur, apply blur with about 3-4 pixels.

Open Levels (Ctrl-L) and adjust them carefully so that dots are sharpened and rounded. For me, the best result is 144 and 161.

Remove white. You might know how to  do it from my previous tutorials, so  in short:
- select all (Ctrl-A)
- copy (Ctrl-C)
- turn on quick mask (Q)
- paste (Ctrl-V)
- turn off quick mask (Q)
- remove selection (Del)
- make layer black (Ctrl-U, set Lightness to -100%).

Now copy black dots to our wallpaper, and invert (Ctrl-I) to make dots white.

Apply the following layer effects:
- blend mode = multiply;
- drop shadow: distance = 1px, size = 2-3px
- inner glow: size = 1px; color = yellow
- bevel and emboss: size = 3px, both colors are white (highlight and shadow), highlight opacity = 25%, shadow mode = overlay, shadow opacity = 75%.

These effects will make our dots look like waterdrops.

That's all! Hope you'll find it useful!

P.S. Registered users can download Photoshop source file from

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limon4er · long ago
cool! ;-)

reallygod · long ago

lacey Wittmer · long ago

barbablu71 · long ago
great!!!!!!!!!! continue, please!

Alexander de Jong · long ago
Hi Vlad, I see that there is so much work in your ferry nice design work. I have respect for a man like you. I have learn in a couple of days to better design. If i got a nice background i send him to you! In high quality ;) Vlad, again THANKS FOR SHARING THIS NICE WORK, SO WE CAN LEARN FROM A PRO. :D keep going! Alexander de Jong

tos · long ago
it's great (L)

Luinorn · long ago
Vlad, you're really legend. Your neverending inspiration and fantasy always touches my heart. Thanks for all that beauty you give us!

Anthony D · long ago
Cool! I found my new Desktop Wallpaper for this month. :-D

Dante · long ago
Vlad, your a legend, the world is a better place with people like you. We may be able to achieve truly great things once we open our minds to share and understand. Thanks for the knowledge I am truly inspired.

IhateDesign · long ago
that was nice!, the effect on the leaves is awesome! thanks for sharing!!!

Alexei · 16 jún 2008
Vlad, it's awesome. Alexei fron Nikolaev (Ukraine)

armina reverie · 17 október 2010
ang ganda naman

Amanda · 5 máj 2011
Hello I love your design but I seem to be having some trouble with it. on the step with ...and then move this new layer BELOW the original layer with leaves. To finish, change blend mode of layer with black leaves to Soft light or Screen (whatever looks better). Merge down (Ctrl-E) to combine these 2 layers into one. well mine are still very dark and when I continue into the layer style they look more like blobs then leaves any advice?

nadja · long ago
vlad, your tutorials rule! they've discovered a whole new world inside the PS world for me! thank you very very much for sharing!

DWUnLtd · long ago
i love fall and you made autumn leaves wp just for me! haha i was so curious as to how you created it, so here i am. and what a masterpiece! i wish i was clever enough to do my own, but i'm not, so will continue to support you in your work, and maybe learn something along the way. thx so much for sharing your marvelous masterpieces. ^_^ Lynda

Rafi · long ago
You deserve a lot of thanks. THANKS :)

:) · long ago
8) 8) 8)

Genio Creativo · long ago
Jajajaja! bless you!

ff · long ago

angelo · long ago
very kind of you...God bless

Cynthia · long ago
That was great! The effect it's beautiful. Thanks again for sharing.

Victoria N. · long ago
Wow. So much goes into one of your beautiful creations! Just amazing. Many thanks, Victoria

Ariyo · long ago

Mica · 3 máj 2008
Wow~ great! thank you sooooooooo much for sharing~ learnt something new today ^^

Shamima Sultana · 9 jún 2010
Its very nice...Thanks

Manish · 10 február 2011

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