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Who Stole The Moon? Promo fun ·26 november 2010
Selling a book means sometimes you have to put way your mouse and keyboard, and take paper, glue and scissors instead! These promo-shelves for russian books were designed and hand-made by me for a local book retailer. Fun!


Who Stole The Moon? Interview on BBC Radio ·18 november 2010
The book author, Helen Stratton-Would, have been interiewed by BBC radio! Listen to the interview here:
Interview, mp3, 10 min, 9 Mb


2011 calendars ·16 november 2010
In case you were interested - 2011 calendars with my artworks are available for purchase (through or as PDF download:


Кто Украл Луну? Книжка на русском уже в продаже! ·16 november 2010
Я ужасно рад сообщить вам о том, что книжка "Кто Украл Луну?" на русском языке выпущена в продажу! Вы можете купить ее по адресу -



Who Stole The Moon? book ready for immediate shipping! ·6 november 2010
I'm excited to announce that the books are ready and we started shipping them! If you did not yet get your copy, buy it now - !


Who Stole The Moon? Pencil Sketches ·5 november 2010
Every illustration starts with a sketch. I wanted to share the pencil sketches that I did to draw the book. I hope it will give you better vision of creative process, exciting but exhausting :-) Thanks!


Who Stole The Moon? The book is available for pre-order! ·15 október 2010
This is huge! After several months of sketching, drawing, redrawing, and another couple of months preparing for print, developing website, and so on - the first ever book for children with my illustrations - Who Stole The Moon? - is available for pre-order!

The book has a dedicated website, where you can look inside, order online, and more:

Right now, the books are being printed in 3 locations. Books in English will be printed in and distributed from USA and UK, books in Russian - from Russia. Books in more languages will certainly follow, but unfortunately I cannot predict when (I'd say no sooner than next 3-4 months).

Me and book author, Helen Stratton-Would, decided to cooperate and self-publish, instead of going more common way. So far, this has been challenging but exciting venture! I'll post more thoughts about self-publishing process in next blog posts.

So, why wait when you can pre-order now? I expect the books will be ready for delivery by October 30. If you order before that, there is a nice pre-order discount - check out book's website for more info. (Did I mention every book comes with a tiny surprise?)

Below is the official press release for the book, by Niki Shepheard.

Local children's author reaches for the stars - or should that be moon?

News Release


A local Mum is hoping to follow in the footsteps of JK Rowling by publishing her first children’s book entitled ‘Who Stole the Moon’.

Helen Stratton-Would who lives in Empingham, Rutland originally wrote the enchanting story after the birth of her first son Bertie a couple of years ago.

What is remarkable about this story though is that the book is being published with the help of Russian illustrator Vlad Gerasimov - despite the two having never met! They have never even spoken on the phone as Helen explains:

“I wrote the story last year and was looking to see if there were any other stories around with the same title on the internet, so decided to google the title 'Who Stole the Moon?'.

“ At first nothing came up under this heading but then I found an amazing illustration called 'They Stole the Moon'. It was incredible – like it was answering the question of my book title!

“I had a look at the website which belongs to the illustrator that created it and immediately fell in love with his work. So I contacted him to see if he would be interested in a joint venture.

“He was reluctant to begin with as he had a lot of work on but asked me to send over the story. I sent it over and he loved it and we started working together straight away.”

The result twelve months later is a beautifully illustrated and delightful children’s book, and a whole new career venture for Helen - all as a result of a chance meeting of minds via the internet.

Helen continues; “It’s remarkable when you consider that we have never spoken either on the telephone or in person but the meeting of minds on this project has created a book that we are both extremely happy with and we have both achieved what we set out to achieve.

“We have worked very hard to make sure the illustrations represent the story and that the detailed pictures offer lots of discussion for parents whilst reading to their child.

“We also aimed for the book to be educational as well as calming so that children can gain more understanding of the nocturnal world.”

‘Who Stole the Moon’ will be available to buy from mid October at the following stockists: Walkers Bookshop Oakham, 27 High Street Oakham, Walkers Bookshop Stamford, 10 High Street, Stamford, Unicorn Tree Books, Sincil Street, Lincoln and The Book Nook, 1st Avenue, 1 St John’s Place, Hove, East Sussex. Books will also be available at a discounted rate on Why not buy yours in time for the next full moon on 23rd October?

For more information please contact Vladstudio Publishing on



Vladstudio is one of KDE Oxygen wallpaper contest winners! ·21 november 2007


Introducing Vladstudio Puzzles for iPad! ·30 september 2010
Attention iPad owners - now you can play Vladstudio puzzles on your iPad!

Read more

Download from iTunes Store


Rock stars - now as wood carvings! ·30 júl 2010

Raul de Soroa from Brazil was inspired by my wallpaper Rock Stars and created these figures (hand-cut using a scroll saw) from brazilian hardwood called Massaranduba. Just take a look at these photos! They are so incredibly cool.





Thanks Raul!

If you want to buy these (or enquire for other custom) wood carvings, feel free to contact him at


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