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Introducing Vladstudio Facebook timeline covers! ·24 január 2012
Make your Facebook timeline unique and beautitul with a cover designed by Vladstudio! Personalize it with custom message, designed to "pop out" from your Facebook profile photo. Facebook timeline covers are available for Vladstudio premium users.

For examples, and to create a cover, visit


Happy New Year! ·1 január 2012
Dear visitor,

it is already January 1st here, and although a little late, I'd like to take this chance and wish everyone a wonderful 2012! You might have noticed I was a little quieter than usual lately. The main reason for that (not counting being a unexperienced dad) is the e-book that I have been working on. It is, no doubt, most difficult and time-consuming project I have ever had. I teamed up with great people and I appreciate their help very much. We (naturally) targeted for this Christmas, but in the end we decided to squash last bugs and make final polish instead of releasing "almost ready" book. So, the book is coming this January!

Here is the quick preview of how the book looks now (please forgive the shake - I was filming that on New Year's night :-) -

In several days, I'll publish professional video trailer, as well as new website for our publishing house. I'll also write a looong post in my blog, with all kinds of details of e-book production. And of course, the e-book itself!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who purchased an account, left a comment, or simply visited my website. Running a website like this is a dream came true. Where would I be without my audience? :-)

Happy New Year!


Christmas Dragon - making of (video) ·25 december 2011
Here is the time-lapse video showing the process of drawing Christmas Dragon wallpaper:

If you want to see it in more details, here is the realtime version: (right-click and Save as...). Thanks!


Halloween on a Little Planet - making of (video) ·22 október 2011
Once again I did not forget to turn on screen recording while I created my latest wallpaper, Halloween on a Little Planet!


Great voices wanted! ·18 jún 2011
Once again, I want to make use of having such a great website audience :-)

For the upcoming release of our interactive e-book, we have translated it into the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Czech. What we also need is a voice to read the story in each of these languages. This is no easy task: finding friends of friends is already not enough! If you or someone you know can make a high-quality voice recording, please get in contact! For reference, here is the voice for the English version, recorded by the most excellent Scott Ross. We naturally want to keep the voices as similar as possible, so male voices are preferred. Thanks for your time!


Coming soon: Who Stole The Moon? interactive book for iPad! ·15 jún 2011
I'd like to shed some light on the project that keeps me busy for several months. As you noticed, I do not draw new wallpapers as often as I used to, and that's not because I don't like drawing them any more!

After I completed the artwork for my first book, Who Stole The Moon?, I naturally started to think about the best way to publish it for tablets (iPad first of all, but Android as well). I knew for sure I did not want a boring book in ePub format (the one that you will usually find in iBooks, suitable for most books, but not for richly illustrated).

To keep a story short, I ultimately teamed up with my friends from Chicago, Russia and Ukraine, and we started a company with the ambitious goal of creating the most beautiful interactive e-books possible. We've created our own engine for simple animation and interactivity, and our first book to be published soon for iPad is - Who Stole The Moon?. But that's just the beginning - more books are on their way!

Here is the video preview of the book. I'll link to our publishing house website as soon as the book is available for download.

Please do let me know your opinion in the comments! Thanks!


Бесплатная лекция - «Дизайн иконок: искусство или ремесло?» ·14 jún 2011
Вниманию иркутян - 23 июня (четверг) в 19:00 я расскажу и покажу вам все, что знаю об иконках. Место встречи - галерея «Reволюция» (ул.Карла Маркса, 40), второй этаж. Карта -

Вход свободный! Постараюсь, чтобы было полезно и нескучно! Лекция организована иркутским филиалом Теорий и Практик.


UPDATE: Не прошло и полгода, как опубликовали видеозапись моей лекции про иконки :-)

Смотреть на

Замечания -

- увы слышно плохо (акустика помещения такая, к этому я не подготовился).
- оператор немного опоздал :-) поэтому запись не сначала. Но там все равно особо ничего такого не было :-)
- на 26 минуте начинается вторая часть (мастер класс) - там слышно лучше, и мне кажется просто интереснее.


Vladstudio website updates: bye bye low quality; design renewed; introducing single purchase! ·14 jún 2011
I'm glad to announce a couple of changes I just made to my website:

  • no more low quality images!
  • I also renewed many little things here and there on website
  • and the biggest update is: I have partnered with BuySimple to offer most of my wallpapers as single purchase!
  • ...

    Desk Clock HD for iPad 1.1 ·9 máj 2011
    I completely forgot to announce the small but nice update to Desk Clock HD for iPad. What's New in Version 1.1:

    Read more:

    Get the app:

    More designs are coming soon! Stay tuned! Thanks.


    Alice in Wonderland - my current collection ·9 máj 2011
    Just in case you were curious, here is the photo report - the current state of my Alice in Wonderland collection.


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