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Siberian wooden houses

I live in Irkutsk, center of East Siberia, 60 km from lake Baikal, deepest in the world. Irkutsk has a lot of wooden houses, once beautiful, now quickly degrading, being destroyed by time. I decided to drive around the city and nearest villages and take photos of most unusual houses, before they become history. I  am not a professional photographer, but I wanted to  do it anyway. I hope you will enjoy the houses as much as  I did!

To highlight warm texture of wood, I decided to use HDR (High dynamic range) technique. To create HDR photo, you need camera with auto exposure bracketing (AEB), such as  my Canon 400D. Put camera on  a tripod, open camera menu, set AEB to maximum (-2..+2 for Canon 400D). To avoid even small shaking, set Drive mode to Self-timer / Remote control and then take a photo with remote control. Camera will take 3 photos with different exposures (normal, under, over).

Next step is  to generate HDR image from these 3 photos. I used program called Photomatix Pro, but Adobe Photoshop CS and later has this feature too (File - Automate - Merge to HDR).

Often, HDR images look too strong, unrealistic. To avoid that, I loaded normally-exposed photo to Photoshop (layer 1), then added HDR image (layer 2), and set layer 2 opacity to 50-60%.

The final step was to add vintage effect to photos. I learned it from wonderful Veerle blog. I also wrote a tutorial how to automate this effect.

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Bruce Richards · 23 July 2008
I have been a Vladstudio fan for a long time, but these Siberian Wooden Houses photos are so rich, and filled with real atmosphere. You say you are not a photographer, and that may be true, but you are certainly an artist. Any photographer would have been proud to have produced these pictures.

Vlad Gerasimov · 23 July 2008
Thomas Roemhild: sure you can do so! Thanks.

ThomasR. · 23 July 2008
I am glad. Thank you!

daniel · 23 July 2008
Hi Vlad, I'm a fan of you work for years. Very nice pictures. I hope to see Irkutsk and Baikal live sometimes as well as get to know the people living there. Regards, daniel

JudiKaye · 23 July 2008
Thank you so much, Vlad, for sharing these beautiful images. I especially enjoy the varied textures in the wood. And creating this special website to showcase them is a great idea!

Terri GottFree · 23 July 2008
awesome pictures, your work is awesome....thanks for sharing.......Terri :)

lisa · 23 July 2008
Vlad- Just beautiful. I am very impressed but not surprised at your artistic talent. You do fabulous work. The site design is beautiful as well.

Georgia Compton · 24 July 2008
So beautiful and dynamically rich! I love these. You have done excellent work and it is wonderful that you can record these lovely and timeless images to share! Thank you!

Justin Shupe · 24 July 2008
Long time viewer and lover of your work. I love this project! I wish that I could download all of the wallpapers.

Simon Mooney · 24 July 2008
I've just come across your Siberian photos; they are fantastic. I've also GMap'd Irkutsk and I must say that your location is "way beyond the middle of nowhere".

Staci Borchart · 24 July 2008
You may not be a *professional* photographer, but that doesn't mean you aren't amazing! So beautiful. One question: do you think you might make the photographs available by themselves, instead of just on the wallpaper? I'd love to be able to have one of the photos alone on my desktop, along with the wallpaper.

Kareem Khazem · 25 July 2008
I love these photos Vlad, they really capture the essence of the architecture and make me sad that the houses are dying :( Only one thing though. I agree with Staci Borchart that these photos should be by themselves; they are to good to be sized down and put on a background. Cheers, I look forward to seeing them as wallpapers by themselves!

Tastenfuchs · 25 July 2008
Hi Vlad, I am a great fan of all your works since I can think about. Very nice what you have found outside there - I am impressed what people are able to build. Thanks to you, that you have the eyes to find those pearls in our world. Greetings from Germany.

artavazd · 26 July 2008
marvelous! something really extraordinary houses, especially windows! so warm, so human, so magic! thank you for this nice excursion! from armenia with greatest regards.

azul · 27 July 2008
Thank you....

Catchick · 27 July 2008
My favorites are 37, 48, and 68 -- I love trees. Thumbs up for getting the word out about these houses -- and the quality of the photos just adds to the message.

sandy · 29 July 2008
You have captured images that probably won't be around much longer. I know if they were in the States they would already have been torn down to make way for a new stadium! I admire the spark in you that saw something in these houses that others should see as well.

Jamie · 29 July 2008
Followed a deviation from deviantart - and I'm simply amazed! These are fantastic!

desiree · 30 July 2008
i love the pictoures of the wooden houses..the windows..beautiful to look at...the whole site it enjoyable just for looking at..browsing..think i should change my desktop every week...Ill be happy forever with all these wonderful designs..thank you

Victoria · 6 August 2008
They remind me of walking down the older streets in Ufa to my apartment. You make me miss that time in my life.

Jackie Tweed · 9 August 2008
These buildings are so beautiful it makes my heart ache to think that someday they will be gone. I wish I had money to resore each and every one. Now, my curiosity is peeked and I need to know when they were built, and who built them. I would love to see them up close and personal. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of the world.

Nicole · 16 August 2008
I stumbled across this by pure chance. Truly majestic houses, I wish I could see them myself one day.

Alberto De Armas · 16 August 2008
I love your site and techniques, I'm a graphic artist too and I love your work very much... Is there a chance to find this houses as a wallpaper alone? I mean not with the texture background with the picture in picture look, I was wondering if you would make wallpapers of a close up like the previews of the houses in the gallery page, that will look great on my desktop... thanx

crxscxnt · 25 August 2008

PointSpecial · 25 August 2008
Beautiful! I love blue...interesting there are so many! It is a shame they will be lost soon

MaryAnn · 28 August 2008
Hi Vlad, Thank you for sharing your methods of creating these images. Can you speak a little about where they are; how old they are; are people still living in them?;are they in villages or cities?; Maybe I missed a page...if I did, please mentally erase these questions. The photos are very inspiring and yet, evoke a feeling of forlorn, beautiful sadness. They also show the pride of workmanship that the makers of these delightful homes possessed. Thank you.

Vlad Gerasimov · 30 August 2008
Dear all - thanks a lot for your comments! Sorry it took so long but all photos are now available as wallpapers without frame around them.

Ceby · 3 September 2008
These are beautiful! I wish I could see them in person.

Vlad Gerasimov · 4 September 2008
Phil Foglio: good idea indeed :-) I did not think about it yet.

Mindy · 6 September 2008
I wanna go there!!! These are beautiful photos and houses.

Pj · 6 September 2008
Amazing pictures, stunning houses. Good work. /pj

Andreea · 7 September 2008
these photos are fantastic. when i saw them for the first time i was like...."wow this guy is very talented-a big artist"...thx and good luck with your next albumes :).... Andreea :)

alex · 17 September 2008
really cool photos!!

SheWalksSoftly · 19 September 2008
These photos are absolutely stunning. I just praised this project and directed people to your site on my blog. Here's the post: I will have to start following your wonderful projects! Keep up the fantastic work.

ivan · 28 September 2008
а я из ангарска) сейчас живу в оскфорде и так интересно увидеть это в сети! шикарный проект, Вы молодец!

katusharoma · 29 September 2008
Очень понравились фотографии! Сразу сахотелось поехать в Сибирь

Arseny · 29 September 2008
Большое спасибо! Удивительно, насколько везде одна и та же проблема. Мы тоже с единомышлениками пробовали сделать сайт об исчезающих деревянных домах Посада: Конечно, у нас всё очень топорно и кустарно, и HDR я не умею снимать, но то, насколько сайты идейно похожи, с одной стороны, ужасно грустно, а с другой - всё же радостно. Жаль, что везде одни проблемы; хорошо, что всё-таки не всем всё равно. Ещё раз сердечно благодарю Вас за ваш сайт!

Лера · 21 October 2008
Я из Бреста, Беларусь! Честно, поражена!!! Очень красиво! Никогда не думала, что где-то можно увидеть такую красоту! Искала информацию про необычные дома на пару английского языка! Думаю, теперь мне будет что рассказать и показать! Масса позитивных эмоций! Спасибо!

Ruben · 26 October 2008
Felicitaciones !!!! Excelente trabajo. Muchas gracias por dejarnos conocer estas "obras de arte"

Jen · 27 October 2008
Looking at all your work, I can see this amazing progression of your art. As a photographer, I find these pictures to be absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Max · 3 November 2008
Spectacular! I am a new fan! Thanks for all your beautiful work! I guess it's warm here in Alabama compared to your city. Do you ever travel? You always take your work to the next level! I can't wait to see what you do next! Best Wishes! Max

Beatrice, Romania · 19 November 2008
Thank you for sharing these images with us!

Yolenzo · 20 November 2008

Kalinka Mardsen · 26 November 2008
Hermosas fotos y bellísimas casas. Ojalá se conserven aún más en el tiempo. Un pacífico aire de melancolía las envuelve. Podría inventar una historia para cada ventana. Aunque seguramente será mucho mas rica la que ellas pudieran contarme a mí. Según leí están construídas sin utilizar un solo clavo. Asombrosas. Felicitaciones Vlad, y que subas mucha mas belleza para compartir. Buen año 2009!! ;)))) Gracias

none · 5 December 2008
You are creative and smart do u have courses ? plz answer me :D cuz i wish to be like u :P Rana

anita thomhave simonsen · 6 December 2008
I think these houses of wood are very beautiful and lovely..thanks for posting..

rike · 6 December 2008
i love your photos!!! they´re so beautiful. wish you all the best, rike/cologne

Uhrmann · 14 December 2008
Výborný projekt.. Prohlédněte si též kapličky v ČR

beytg · 23 December 2008
Hi, you have a nice site. Really good job! Respect :)

Jenny · 8 January 2009
Such beautiful houses, even as they are deteriorating! Wonderful pictures, so atmospheric, almost mystical. Thank you for sharing these Siberian gems.

karen · 16 January 2009
These photos are absolutely incredible. My Mom is from there -- she loves these pictures.

Eduardo de Blas Duport · 20 January 2009
¡Enhorabuena! Un trabajo realmente excelente. Gracias por compartirlo y permitirnos con ello disfrutar de tu magia. Agradezco sobretodo tu generosidad al compartir tus secretos de cómo has tomado y tratado las fotografías.

Анна · 22 January 2009
Замечательный проект! Даже захотелось в своем городе поснимать подобное. У вас получились даже не документальные, а очень тонкие и со смыслом снимки уходящей эпохи. В иных странах старину бережно хранят и туристам показывают за большие деньги, а в нашей, к сожалению, так много других проблем, что незаметим, как все это уйдет.......

Jeannette · 11 February 2009
I just discovered your site. Your art is wonderful....and your photography is stunning! I plan on spending the rest of the evening looking at your wooden houses! Thank you so much for sharing & for giving us a glimpse of a Russia we never see!

Hanka · 25 February 2009
I can't tell you in a few words how photos impressed to me. So I tell only I want see it by own eye...

Cathrine · 3 March 2009
Hello! Can I use one of your photos on my blog? I like the old houses very much. Kind regards!


jana · 12 March 2009
these houses are so very pretty! incredible!

Di · 13 March 2009

Victoria · 15 March 2009
Valiosísima información fotográfica. Gracias.

Drago · 19 March 2009
Vlad, you´re great photographer. I found in your gallery an amazings photos. You´re HDR master!!!

joanna dykla · 20 March 2009
these wooden architekture is no enough to say amazing, i saw it and from now it is inside me, like great music, the great respect for those who build houses

Nick · 22 March 2009
Thank you. You are a very talented artist, and have the patients to become a master of many forms of art. Thank you for being a great artist and a teacher as well.

Срђана · 27 April 2009
Морам да похвалим твој рад ... Стварни лијепо и инспиративно! Такве ствари треба радити и не допустити да вријеме избрише љепоте које су наши стари стварали! Желим ти пуно среће у будућем раду ... Само тако настави Поздрав из Бијељине, Република Српска

Coco* · 19 May 2009
¡¡Gracias Vlad!! Tu trabajo es simpre precioso, sean fotografías o wallpapers... Qué lástima que las casas esten dejadas, al menos tienen un encanto mágico! ¡Saludos desde España!

Andrey Nichkov · 29 May 2009
Просим разрешения для размещения вашего материала на наших страницах, сами мы находимся в Испании и готовим новый продукт для всего мира. Речь идет о деревянном кирпиче и проектах деревянных домов. Нам очень трудно убедить европейцев что деревянное домостроение это также долговечно как и кирпич. Необходимо показывать различные фотографии на подобии ваших. Также рады были бы обменяться ссылками Заранее спасибо, с уважением Андрей Ничков Ecoles System

Алексей · 18 June 2009
Очень круто! Спасибо. Сибирь forever :)

Jen · 26 June 2009
I love these houses! I want to see them in person!

Gina · 2 July 2009
Vlad I am blown away by these photos. I want to know more about the history of these houses. I can just imagine what they must have looked like in their hay day. The detail around the windows is amazing! I'm glad you did this to preserve this for future generations.

françoise henry · 28 February 2012
The lights the colors of the different woods, craftmanship, j'adore!

Romana · 7 March 2012

ivonne · 21 March 2012
quasi ogni giorno cambio sfondo....e mi perdo in queste immagini meravigliose giocose rilassanti grazie Ivonne

Ольга. · 8 April 2012
Очень красиво. Спасибо, что вы сохраняете старую русскую архитектуру.

Анна · 30 August 2012
Они такие мягкие, и уютные.. Мне очень нравится.

Пётр · 31 August 2012
Влад, фото про супер! Может сделаешь волзможность скачать все одним архивом? Или на рутрекере авторскую раздачу? Благодарю за такое доброе дело!

John · 23 July 2008
Stunning Vlad. Great idea for subject matter and really nicely executed. I'm not a big fan of HDR but these are really good.

Thomas Roemhild · 23 July 2008
Very very nice!! I know russia a little bit. I am often in Archangelsk. And I know the rich culture of russia. What a coincidence! My desktop pictures page now in wood : Can I link your woodenhouses page on my link boards ? Thanks again for your nice work.

Erik Pirro · 23 July 2008
Vlad, I've been an admirer of your work for many years now ans I must say you are deepening your art has time goes on. This series of pictures is another proof that your have the sensitivity to see the unusual yet beautiful surroundings of your homeland. Thank you for sharing such beauty seen through your unique vision! Erik

Ronan Cardinal · 23 July 2008
I do not regret my lifetime registration ;-D. Theses photos remind me of other sweet houses in Brittany (France) : "Les Chaumières" Bretonnes. It's a little bit like english cottages. Congratulations !

Lisa Cunningham · 24 July 2008
Beautiful photos Vlad- as the others have said, I've admired your creativity for a long time now, and this is a lovely surprise. The buildings are wonderful- and great to have an archive before they disappear for good. What an incredible place to live!

Nancy Johnson · 24 July 2008
The site for the project is beautiful as well. You are very talented =)

Taylor Page · 24 July 2008
unreal man... just unreal. I love it.

SKayCD · 25 July 2008
I have admired your work for some time now and truly enjoyed the photo of the old houses. It is so sad to see them slowly falling apart. Think of all the love that went into the beautiful work on each home, so sad to think it will all be gone one day. I think you can certainly call your self a photographer as you have taken pictures that wake the mind and heart, something every photographer hopes to do with their work. Thank you so very much for sharing your art with all of us.

corie · 25 July 2008
Simply spectacular. I produce a decent painting every 7 - 10 years and have felt one bubbling up for a while. immediately itched to would like to paint one of your houses and ask your permission. I'd like to download several to choose from that I would then blow up to understand the layers of composition. The whole series is deeply moving.

Cecelia Vezza · 25 July 2008
Absolutely beautiful and so atmospheric! These are stunning photographs. I love your work!

Ken Zuk · 27 July 2008
Vlad, These are great!!! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!! Love your stuff! Keep it up :)

catherine lucas · 27 July 2008
I am in love with those wooden houses. I LOVE them... They are all the wall paper I need. Like one of the previous posters, I would love them without borders, just the photograph as wall paper or wall clock... I will buy them all if I can get them without the tilted background. The houses in themselves are art work. What a beauty you have in your region. I have now put Baikal on my to see list before I die... Thank you so much for those wooden beauties... and don't forget: take them off the background! We want them pure!!!!

TMtheSign · 30 July 2008
WOW! Great photos and great (and simple) HDR tutorial! Thanks

Fred (a.k.a) bk13garbageman · 31 July 2008
Great work on this whole project Vlad !

charles · 4 August 2008
well job,thx..

me · 7 August 2008
I wanna marry you! :D

Rebecca Sandifer · 8 August 2008
These photos are so well done! Many of them seem as tough they are works works of art from artists - almost surreal. Thank you for sharing your projects and your home!

Tylda · 12 August 2008
сказочнoe! мне нечего сказать...только спасибо!

Tolka · 13 August 2008
Vlad, these are absolutely stunning. It is a shame that there is no one who could try to peserve their beauty

Tanya · 21 August 2008
Vlad, I've always been fascinated with Russia, and you have just given me another reason why. You do your Homeland proud. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. The rest of the site is wonderful as well. I'm never disappointed when I check in to see what you've done next.

Joanna · 23 August 2008
I love those houses. Living in Australia we don't have visual access to such craftmanship and intricacies. I loved your photos. Many thanks for showing me a part of that world.

catherine lucas · 26 August 2008
Hi Vlad, have you had time to make wall papers without the background? I thought you were going to post them as just the photographs but I checked this morning and they are still on that brown background. I am willing to pay for those wall papers, but I don't like the brown background... The photographs are so rich in themselves that they don't need extras. Thank you for sharing those with us, and I do hope that they can be kept safe or even restored. They are jewels in Russia's crown.

Carole · 28 August 2008
I haven't visited your site in a while. I came by today to find a new desktop (which I did). Many of your desktop designs make me smile.... I noticed the architectural designs right away, which led me to the photographs. I love architecture, and your photos are absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing them.

Phil Foglio · 4 September 2008
As an artist, I beg you-PUT OUT A BOOK!

ily@Sha · 4 September 2008
it is very fabulously! Why all comments in English? I`m from Russia, and want to say: Круто, чувак! Так держать!

Adam · 7 September 2008
These photos of the wooden houses are fantastic! Thank you for documenting this aspect of the world. Though I've traveled, I have not seen Siberia or any place with such architecture as you're preserving and sharing with us. I live in St. Louis, in the U.S., and the housing in our city is almost entirely made of brick. Thanks again for your work on this project.

Laura in Boston · 12 September 2008
These a just so lovely. Something about the way you photograph these houses...they feel so silent, filled with lives passed. Again, very lovely.

John Grunberg · 22 September 2008
Vlad, Your backgrounds arre stunning to say the least. I cannot help marvel at the artistry and imagination that goes into each one. A true fan

Philip · 27 September 2008
Привет, Влад. Хорошие фотографии, жаль, что нет государственной программы по сбережению и поддержке этих деревянных шедевров. Но чтобы поддержать законы не нужны, партнерский обзор на — все как полагается! =)

Владимир · 2 October 2008
Очень интересно. Большую часть жизни прожил в квартирах. НО жизнь в доме... Это как из тюрьмы - на волю! Благодарю, очень интересно!

Каллиопея · 7 October 2008
когда вернусь домой зимой - обязательно поделюсь с вами фотографиями, я сама из Томска, очень люблю свой город (%

Sanam · 11 October 2008
They are really wonderful. I loooove them. thanks to share them.

chur · 18 October 2008
Привет из Томска) Уже несколько лет занимаемся сохранением деревянной архитектуры. Давайте дружить.

flight16 · 22 October 2008
Absolutely amazing. I love the atmosphere of the photos.

elena · 23 October 2008
Vlad! Nizko klanjajus' Vam!!!! Vasha rabota bezcenna!!!!! Vy sohranili RARITETY dlja pokolenija. Vozmozhno budut v Rossii luzhshie vremena i zainteresujutsla domami stariny glubokoi!!!! Vy-UMNICA!!!!! Dai Vam Bog udachi i blagodenstvija!!!!!! P.S.Ocen' hochetsja uvidet' KRUZHEVA RUSSKIH ZODCHIH.Polagaju ih v Sibiri nemereno. Snimaite kak mozhno bol'she,poka domiki russkie zhivy!!!! S teplom.

LNY · 28 October 2008
I've been a vladstudio fan too!! nice pics!!

Danielle · 30 October 2008
Your unique style makes me smile =)

jayashree · 8 November 2008
i really like all this pictures.

Екатерина · 16 November 2008
Влад, спасибо Вам за этот проект! Я прожила в Иркутске больше десяти замечательных лет, и сейчас с первого взгляда узнаю эти дома - их не спутаешь ни с чем, согласитесь? Вот только жаль, что никому нет дела до истории города, и когда бываю порой в Иркутске, то каждый раз становится очень грустно от того, что эти дома "умирают". Но благодаря Вам они сохранятся хотя бы в виртуальном мире. Как здорово, что такой талантливый человек живет в таком замечательном городе!

yj-47 · 28 November 2008
Очень интересно, спасибо!

Raya Bergin · 28 November 2008
Dear Vlad, You are an awesome artist. Thank you for sharing your gift to me. I hope you will be around for a long time. Sincerely, Raya

Francine Boulet · 13 December 2008
Cher Vlad, Quelles photos magnifiques... que de vie dans ces maisons de bois. Leurs constructeurs sont des artistes incroyables. Vous vivez près du lac Baikal... je vis dans les Appalaches, au Québec. Je vais construire un portail de bois l'année prochaine et m'inspirerai de ces ouvrages de bois. Cordialement, Francine Boulet, Inverness (Quebec) Canada

JHG · 28 December 2008
Privet Vlad! O4en Krassiva site y photo! I like it a a lot, the number of photos you've posted is really nice. I've always had a crush on wood eastern Europe and Russian especially type of houses. I also do quite a lot of HDR, and I like your style. Great collection, and I'm definitely creating a link toward your site from my site:

Igor Feghali · 18 January 2009
dude, you are a genius !

Dee · 18 January 2009
your works are amazing!!! thanks for the art u bring to my life today! :) keep up the good work!

Attila · 20 January 2009
Nagyon szép képek, a házak egyszerűen mesébe illőek. Kiváló munka egytöl egyig!!!!! Gratulálok Üdv

Tusnelda · 28 January 2009
My father lived for 8 years near Tashkent a long time ago. He liked Siberia a lot. Told me so much about it, so now I can even imagine what his house might have looked like. Beautiful! Thank you so much, Vlad, for this insight!

Amy · 5 February 2009
Very nice project, thanks for sharing and making the photos available for download!

saas · 6 February 2009

Sanja · 11 February 2009
Svaka ti cast mladicu, svaka ti cast!!!javascript:void(0)

Katja · 17 February 2009
Vlad, the houses project and your whole page.... simply amazing! Thank you!

Tambitpeept · 28 February 2009
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White Mouse · 24 March 2009
Спасибо за ваш проект! Очень красиво!!!

Doro · 25 March 2009
Dear Vlad, these pictures are magnificent! I wonder if I could quote your work on my site in an article about handling the urban history. I hope you'll make many more wonderful pictures to show us! greets from Zürich

speshiloff · 17 May 2009
Я архитектор, живу в Иркутске. И мне гордо за этот проект! Спасибо за проделанную работу и вашу любовь к городу..

Ранко Антонић, Србија, Нови Сад · 20 May 2009
Изванредно. Честитам на уложеном труду. Фотографије су веома лепе, необичне и интересантне. Мене су мало растужиле јер куће пропадају и штета је што ће једном нестати. Желим вам сваку срећу и много успеха у приватном и професионалном животу. Такође бих волео да вам је web site у мало ведријим тоновима, мало отворенијим бојама. Мислим да би тако био мало веселији и још бољи. Срдачни поздрави, Ранко Антонић, Србија, Нови Сад (

Vlad Gerasimov · 30 May 2009
Andrey Nichkov: вы можете опубликовать мои фотографии на ваших страницах - ссылка на обязательна. Спасибо.

Adriana · 18 June 2009
Tus trabajos son increiblemente bellos, realmente se aprecia en cada creacion la pasion que pones en lo que haces. Me parece maravilloso que hayas decidido tomar las fotos de esas casas, y compartirlas. Mi pais es muy grande tambien y muy en el sur suele haber todavia ese tipo de casas, pero ya quedan muy pocas. Tambien en el pais vecino Chile, precisamente en la isla de Chiloé hay hermosas casas de madera muy antiguas. Te felicito por todo lo que haces y por tu gesto tan digno de compartirlo. Saludos desde Argentina. Adriana.

ozgurcocuk · 5 July 2009
resimleriniz çok güzel.emeğinize sağlık

Duane Akers · 25 February 2012
Vlad - While visiting my wife's' relatives in Russia (Naberzhney Chelney), I fell in love with photographing Russian churches in NB, Moscow and St. Petersburg. I have enjoyed your website and artistic talents for 2 years, and hope you might combine both your artwork and photo's of your country's houses of worship. All my best from America!

Romana · 18 March 2012
nadherne, skoda, ze clovek zije tak daleko.... Tolik by bylo se od Vlada mozno naucit. Ma nejakou webovou stranku, kde by se clovek dovedel, jake postupy sledovat? Kde bere Vlad takove krasne a nezne inspirace?

Paulo Neto · 30 June 2012
An excellent work! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your art and talent with us!

zillazain · 17 July 2012
what a spectacular pictures ,Vlad ..Your work are so amazing ...i have a penfriend from Siberia and he send me a few pictures of these somekind of traditional wooden houses....really cool and amazing photos.

Vlad Gerasimov · 1 September 2012
Петр - спасибо! Скачать все мои обои (включая фото домов) одним архивом могут зарегистрированные пользователи отсюда -

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