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Copacul de Cappuccino

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Vlad Gerasimov · 28 Februarie 2013
Dacă proverbul "Eşti ceea ce mănânci" este adevărat, atunci eu  ar trebui să fiu în întregime din cappuccino. Nu  e corect că nu  am reflectat asta până acum în arta mea :-)

De asemenea - vezi videoclip "Making of"

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Comentarii 32

Grateful-(Still-Alive) · 28 Februarie 2013
Thank you very much!

kong · 1 Martie 2013
I cannot download the 1920x1080 version. It always ask me to buy it. ALL other resolutions can be downloaded just fine.

Vlad Gerasimov · 1 Martie 2013
kong - that's strange. Please try to sign out, then sign in again. If it does not help, please contact me. Ersilia - thanks! I've been to north of Italy, and I'd love to come back some day! There is no choice of tablets, it's Wacom only. My advice - better buy big and old (used) Wacom on Ebay, rather than new and small.

Sanskar Tiwari · 1 Martie 2013
Hi! I am once again really impressed by your work. The classy theme and the cute birds make it look impressive...

ilona · 2 Martie 2013
wonderful to watch the video of the creation of Cappuccino Tree! Another hit! Thank you, Vlad! And love the music too!

Im :) · 3 Martie 2013
So much attention to it! Just wondering if it would be possible to have a cow-free version although this is amazing (as ever) too :)

Caro · 4 Martie 2013
Me encanta. Muchas gracias!!!!

Jo Standley · 4 Martie 2013
I cannot download the 1920x1080 version either. It always ask me to buy it.

Sondre Selnes · 8 Martie 2013
Love your designs !, but what is that nice music playing ?

Michelle Black · 9 Martie 2013
Oh, lovely! It's nice to know that coffee, not blood, flows in someone else's veins too.

Milagros Soto · 12 Aprilie 2013
Inspirador para quien quiere ilustrar YA :) Gracias Vlad.

kristenbell311 · 31 Mai 2013
nice wallpaper for the facebook covers.

Gigi · 28 August 2013
Love this. Also reminds me of Klimt's Tree of Life

Ingrid · 3 Februarie 2014
Wonderful! Thank you!!

hadi · 27 Mai 2014
oh lovely . greatly...

Elke Radistya · 10 Noiembrie 2014
I love so much vladstudio design.

AShish · 28 Aprilie 2015
Fantastic work

RIMON · 2 Septembrie 2015

Ersilia · 28 Februarie 2013
I love so much cappuccino as well, so this is definitely gonna be my favorite wallpaper! But if you like it so much you should come to Italy once, to taste the original one! ;D You won't be disappointed! All my compliments for your art anyway, I just paint the classic way, but I would like to begin something digital as well..I've got a Mac too, so I would ask you If you could recommend me an app, and a digital tablet too please, I was seeing the Wacom ones .... Thank you so much! Ciao!

kong · 1 Martie 2013
Vlad - Ah, there's something strange with my Firefox, used Chrome and it could be downloaded just fine, thanks!

Sanskar Tiwari · 1 Martie 2013
I am happy that I get the notifications on E-Mail, glad to see all the work as soon as they come... ******************* Я счастлив, что я получаю уведомление по электронной почте, рад видеть всю работу, как только они приходят ... ******************* PS: Don't think that I know English {Google Translate Works Well...}

tamalita · 3 Martie 2013
I also love cappuccino! I don't have a chance to drink much anymore, but definitely drink it every chance i get ;) thanks so much!

Alessandro Bandini · 7 Martie 2013
Ciao Vlad, se abitassimo più vicino ti farei assaggiare il cappuccino come lo faccio io a casa mia; è una favola! Mi manca solo la mucca/nuvola...

Vlad Gerasimov · 8 Martie 2013
Sondre Selnes: ah, forgot to mention, sorry! Music by Luisa Maita - Lero Lero.

hadi · 12 Martie 2013
It is better to be free of all wallpapers

marysia · 15 Martie 2013
love ♥♥♥

Wendy Villanueva · 30 Mai 2013
Exactly what i was looking for...this morning I was playing with my daughter and we had an imaginary Chocolate Tree, so this Cappuccino Tree is what this mom needed during this long night! Gracias.

Liz Bartschi · 19 Octombrie 2013
Beautifully done. I love the art work and music. Such talented work.

Sofia Ovalle · 14 Iulie 2014
que lindo, me recuerda a la cafetería que tenemos

adi · 24 August 2014

Starloard · 8 Iulie 2015
This is my first wallpaper, it's as cool as this website............loved it.

isabella · 12 Octombrie 2015
arte tari pozele

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