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Comments 30

Jeffrey Gilmour · 7 March 2012
I like it! I always like when different shades interplay to create even more shades, especially blue.

Daniel · 7 March 2012
Awesome! This is beautiful. I don't have any kids, but I gifted 'Who Stole the Moon?' to someone who has...

Vlad Gerasimov · 7 March 2012
gReg0r - they are simply squeezed into your browser window! If you save the image to your hard drive (or open in new window), you'll see it is the needed size. Thanks!

Vlad Gerasimov · 9 March 2012
Martin Trojan: hey, no one has an iPad 3 yet! :-)

mazza · 13 March 2012
haha this is wicked ! reminds my of cliff high as he always talks about his boat!

Vlad Gerasimov · 14 March 2012
dims: thanks! Our CEO, Yuri Mezenko, is from Ukraine (lives in Chicago), and he does all translations to Ukrainian. Thanks for your offer!

Medam Kenguru · 18 March 2012
Hi Vlad, your works are awesome! Thank you a lot for all you are doing :))) Only one small question: when the wallpapers will be adjusted to New iPad dimensions? :))))

Vlad Gerasimov · 18 March 2012
Medam Kenguru: thanks! Do you already have a new iPad? Woow :-) In fact, I hope to publish 2048x2048 images today evening!

Vlad Gerasimov · 18 March 2012
Medam Kenguru - do you mean all-in-one zip packs? I tend to forget to update them all the time. Luckily, I am in progress of "re-mastering" all my jpg files - I hope to complete it tonight - and zip files will be updated automatically. I'll publish more details in my blog when I'm done. Thanks!

Livanco · 26 March 2012
так детство напоминает, мечты и фантазии ,очень красиво на iPhone

Vythuy · 2 April 2012
Tuyệt vời. Có cái gì đó của tuổi thơ..

yose · 2 May 2012
thanksful~! This wallpaper is simple and peaceful or lonely or free.. i feel various! especially, texture is good.

Thomas Gao · 2 December 2012
I luv this wallpaper as my new nexus 7 screen. The wallpapers have been very good for my laptop. Its simplicity fits android devices too.

jw · 2 March 2014
I've been using the wallpaper for 2 years now, I love it so much! Thanks!! You really have a unique style that I like a lot.

caroll · 10 July 2017

Vlad Gerasimov · 7 March 2012
Jeffrey Gilmour - thanks! I forgot to mention - these waves are taken from our website design.

gReg0r · 7 March 2012
beautiful! but somehow the links for 3 screens (5760x1080 / 5760x1200) only show a small version of the wallpaper :/

Leo Lapousterle · 7 March 2012
I appreciate the softyness of this one in particular :) Thanks !

Martin Trojan · 9 March 2012
any iPad3 resolutions coming? :P

gail atangan · 12 March 2012
I love this. gives a very calm feeling. It is also perfect as a mobile wallpaper. Thank you for this.

dims · 14 March 2012
Hey Vlad! If you'd like to have your e-books or translated in Ukrainian feel free to contact me at amida.kun (a)

Christian · 16 March 2012
Hi Vlad, ist the light blue inside of the ship (right side) right? Shouldn't ist be gray as on the left side? Kind regards. Christian

Medam Kenguru · 18 March 2012
:) :) :) yea, today early in the morning with the plane from Geneva it became mine :) so I'm impatiently waiting for your update ;)

Medam Kenguru · 18 March 2012
Vlad, one more question :) how often do you update archives with wallpapers?

Bodyeuh · 26 March 2012
same question with Christian down there. "Isn't the light blue inside of the ship (right side) right? Shouldn't ist be gray as on the left side?" but most of all it's a simple yet beautiful wallpaper. thank you Vlad!

maryam · 29 March 2012
omg! c'est jolie!

asim · 5 April 2012

carloQ · 27 April 2012
I love it!!!

Patricia Silva · 19 October 2012
Soy persona de la tercera edad, y mi hijo me ha enseñado algunas cositas para que me entretenga en internet. Está lejos y ahora que quiero cambiar el fondo de mi pantalla no sé cómo hacerlo. Pincho la imagen y no pasa nada. Porque pinché "mostrar escritorio" y no había cambiado nada..! Que alguien me ayude por favorrrrr...!!!!

Bruce Young · 3 March 2015
Hi, thanks for all the great art. I would like to ask if it is possible for some of your images to be smooth gradients, without the pinstripe lines? Perhaps it is because of my too many years working on computers, but I find that images with lots of fine lines (and screens with light letters on dark background) cause my eyes to sort of water and the image to kind of squiggle. I know, weird... So in most of my computer desktop wallpaper images, I look for smoothness, and with not too many tiny or fine details. I tried using FS ImageViewer to blur this one, which does remove the many fine lines, but introduces too much blur for my taste... Anyway, just a thought for some future images. Grateful for your art, Thank you again.

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