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Star Field

Star Field

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Comments {69}

Jonathan Usborne 25 January 2008
Very creative...I like!

fengshaun 25 January 2008
very very creative!

Jeffrey Gibbons 25 January 2008
Love it!

Chad 25 January 2008
Vlad, brilliantly imaginative as usual! Keep up the awesome work.

Moo 25 January 2008

eugenia 25 January 2008

Bugbear5 25 January 2008
WoW! It's Awesome..! It perfect match with my ubuntu studio..!

Leti 26 January 2008

Justin Murray 26 January 2008
greatly done vlad!

khikho! 26 January 2008
I found it such an ordinary one nothing new or creative in it as I think .you used 2 show us more than this.

Benjigarner 27 January 2008
I love the idea ;) Featured on GuiPulp ;)

a;ldkjf 27 January 2008
Very original and creative.

qwerty fan :) 27 January 2008
I like how the stars are moving up (",)

shay 27 January 2008
What a cute idea! I wish I had your imagination ;)

peter 28 January 2008
best of 2008 so far :-)

lora 28 January 2008
you are romantic

Beata 28 January 2008
how sweeet...

TLHP 1 February 2008
great as usual

Pedro Sa 4 February 2008
kewl for my Laptop Random Screen

may 5 February 2008
so beautiful!!!

,NHL 9 February 2008

souki 9 February 2008

sany 12 February 2008

witchlord 17 February 2008

hane 21 February 2008
pure and cute

Marija 24 February 2008
Wow,it's very beautifulll Vlad :)Blessings !

nick 26 February 2008

chri 4 March 2008
isn't it so beautiful???i can only say WOW,|0|

Sveta Kalinina 6 March 2008
Kahzdiy den naxozzu novie ydovolstvija na saite. spasibo! Every day - something pleasures in you site. Thank you!

chihiro 8 March 2008
It is very wonderful.

reggie 22 March 2008
so very adorable! makes one smile! thanx for the smile!

Sindhu 19 April 2008
Very creative... :) Beautiful beautiful work... love it!!

Ksenia 23 September 2008
they all are perfect! thebest wallpapers I ever saw!

riezkha 2 July 2009
thx you so much... your wallpaper make my day so colourfull!!! luv..luvv...

snus_murka 1 April 2011
That's marvellous!

Mindy 26 April 2012
You are wonderfully creative! I love your work. Thank you!

Andra 25 January 2008

bdog 25 January 2008

Nick 25 January 2008
Vlad, I can't stop to be amazed by your artwork. Don't give up on it and I hope that you don't run out of imagination one day.

ionuca 25 January 2008
Awww, this is simply adorable!

Richard 25 January 2008
Cool. Very cool.

Lucia 25 January 2008
so beautiful!!!

Aziel 26 January 2008

Foxy 26 January 2008
Extremely cool. You're very talented, congrats!

Xin Yu Yao 26 January 2008
don'y know why it reminds me of starfish~~ great work vlad!! I'm alwasy amazed by your updates!

WishMaster 27 January 2008
You have great stuff on your site, i keep downloading wallpapers from this site for around one year now. Thanks alot!

Chris 27 January 2008
creative and beutiful!

Dusty Wolf 27 January 2008
Quite Lovely I must admit you out did yourself for the trillionth time again!

Life Seeker 28 January 2008

Lauren D. 28 January 2008
You never cease to amaze me, this is just SO beautiful and adorable. :)

Ruthie 29 January 2008
Never surprised by your genius...but always enchanted!!!

Queelis 3 February 2008
Aww, little prince!

Rebekah 4 February 2008
Love it! Very cute.

suki 6 February 2008

Matilde 9 February 2008
I love it!! very beautiful!!!! and cute too! xD you are a genius! :) ;)

amuro 10 February 2008

NEL 14 February 2008

Michael Andreas 21 February 2008
I gotta say I agree with your words about where stars come from. Fabulous piece of work, Vlad.

Ариадна 26 February 2008
Нет слов!

Adriana Hernandez (Venezuela) 26 February 2008
Hey, I gotta tell you I have been using your wallpapers for like years! I believe they are wonderful and you are a great artist. I am currently a student without money and I love that you let me download them for free, I would like in the future to contribute 'cause I really admire your work. THANKS FOR THE PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS TOO!!!!

Ganglior 7 March 2008
The 8th wonder of the world

ki 7 March 2008

ryongs 9 March 2008

Jose 4 April 2008

tsarmina 5 August 2008
wow, vlad. your artwork always makes me smile when i see it, and this one is no different! keep it up!

Chris 6 November 2008
beautiful..though ive seen this concept before this is truly a beautiful wallpaper. i love it.

20 July 2009
quite an imgination vlad!! original!!

mahmoud 31 January 2010
lol , ya i agree with you :D

Quydze 29 March 2013
Very nice!

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