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Water drops on  a spider web

Water drops on a spider web

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Comments {22}

Kareem Khazem 10 June 2008
Really wonderful colours, I like this one better than the plain ones. Looking forward to the tutorial!

Richard 10 June 2008
Where's the spider?

Pawel Konieczny 10 June 2008
Fantastic! I love it.

Madeline (Texas) 11 June 2008
I LOVE the color combination... and the spiderweb looks so realistic!

none 11 June 2008
WOW!! i like it great job vlad

Leti 12 June 2008
please include the spider!!! ;)

Richard+ 13 June 2008
love this series even without a spider!

Leonel Macias 13 June 2008
no spiders = good :) the web is great ;)

anu mishra 26 June 2008
nice wallpaper damboo

fred 19 July 2008
'shopped. you can tell. The droplets don't all hang in the right direction, and many of them are duplicated.

M.G 28 November 2008

Val 21 December 2008
Otkuda ty svoi ideas beresh?

Stefano 20 April 2011
Actually this is the best version, since it looks like blurred natural background because of the close-up shot.

LucasDT 10 June 2008
Don't like too much the color combination of the backround... blue and green together would've been better...

Christina (Australia) 10 June 2008
I looove the colours together, so fresh, Awesome! I get so excited when you have new wallpapers, yey!!!

Suzana 11 June 2008
Vlad, these are so beautiful, I can't make up my mind which I like best, so I will love them all equally, I think. Would love to see these on a transparency over a lightbox.

Rit@ 12 June 2008
hate... it's soooooo... HORRIBLE crepy and this colors all together ...

HeyRit@ 12 June 2008
What's with the bad attitude all over the place? It's not very becoming. So Vlad doesn't necessarily comment back, big deal. What are you, a stalker? 16 June 2008
i love the droplets..........................awesome but the background is not up to mark...... nice tutorial thnx

Vlad Gerasimov 19 July 2008
Fred - please read the tutorial about how this wallpaper was made.

bhanu 13 September 2008
these cannot be easily downloaded

vasam 10 June 2010
Hi, in 1920x1080 is the same picture as "Water drops on a spider web (Green)"

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