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Somewhere 2

Somewhere 2

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Comments {35}

Merkoth long ago
Impressive. Some "added" sparks don't look very nice, but it might be caused because I'm looking at the low-res version. Dunno how, but I'll try to register ASAP :-P Nice work Vlad (Y)

Jenna long ago
I love your work, thankyou for sharing it with us. One day you should come to New Zealand - our landscape and culture is very inspirational for creative design.

Shy Ted long ago
: - ) BRILLIANT!!!!!

saad long ago

SAVYA long ago

scott long ago
Did you paint the nebula yourself?

Arem long ago
:-Oooo pretty... :-D

son long ago
i like this

jade long ago
It speaks of more than simply "space art" to is beautiful are the bodies being drawn into or expelled from the light? Thanx again Vlad

greg long ago
This pic is really cool... everytime I see it my imagination sparks. If only the planet had that gravitational warp effect on the rays of light. Of course, the big planet does look awesome by itself!! Congrats on the 400th!

Kruppt long ago
Great Image Kruppt

GANSTER FA LIFE 29 March 2008

SIRIUS 1 April 2008

10 October 2008

9 February 2012
Nice! Like it

Howie long ago
BEAUTY !!! :-D

jojo long ago
superb work man a bit more fiery planetwould be kool&a bit diffused rays

Magie long ago
OOh NICE!!!!! (Y) love it!

Bigfoot long ago
Is coolio - (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) Though i think i like the first one better.

bino long ago
It's Tight!

divya long ago
Wow ,Extraordinary.

SRI long ago
Da`te`n pula mea de Hotz, puti a kkt.

deep long ago

Chussman long ago

kahi long ago
great work, but a tutorial / how-to about this wallpaper would be great as well :)

marcus long ago
We go, where no one has gone before . . . ;-)

Bigred long ago
W O W !

Wesley long ago
You never cease to amze me with your artisic creativity! Great Job:-) (Y)

Câline long ago

adi long ago

kanu 3 January 2008
guess where i vl b in my next vacation? ....... space

Lilian 10 July 2008

- 13 September 2008

lenka 23 October 2008

CHI YANG 8 October 2012

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