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Sketchbook - Zmey Gorynych

Sketchbook - Zmey Gorynych

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Comments {7}

Chad 3 November 2008
Ha! I like it!

David W 5 November 2008
Very cute.

Роман 21 November 2009
Горыныч Класс! Да не просто Горыныч а Проффессор Змей Горынович!

Sue 2 March 2014

Anastasia 4 November 2008
But Zmey Gorynych should be cruel! In childhood I was afraid of him. But I like your version of kind Zmey Gorynych much more ! :-)

С приветом из России.....нига 11 December 2008
Респект и уважуха......кульные работы...

Sanskar Tiwari 6 March 2013
This cute work has not drawn attention...But I like it...

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