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Sketchbook - Natasha is fishing

Sketchbook - Natasha is fishing

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Comments {11}

Deida 4 November 2008
This desktop made my day. Thank you!

Sveta Kalinina 8 November 2008
восхитительно ! :)

Dorottya Szabó 11 November 2008
Ez nagyon aranyos! Gratula This is so cute congratz

Miss K. 28 November 2008
Your creativity is incredible! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art!

Olia 4 September 2009
Похоже на мульт Ивана Максимова "Ветер вдоль берега"

krystalmyst 7 May 2012
I'm NOT an artist(unable to even draw a decent looking circle!) And I know NOTHING about"Photoshop!" I don't know HOW this phenomenal art was created. Drawn? Generated somehow,or both? DOESN'T MATTER! You have NO idea how badly I needed to smile & art is one of thosee magical gifts given to us all that just makes you feel,well...MAGICAL! I *SINCERELY* THANK YOU for sharing YOUR gift! There aren't any,or enough words to decribethe MAGICAL effect sharing your art truely does have,so again "THANK YOU!"

Anastasia 4 November 2008
Great idea!!!!!! I'm out of words!)

白鲸 6 November 2008
我太喜欢这张了。鱼儿像鸟儿一样在空中飞翔。 I like this one so much. The fishes fly in the sky like birds.

high school musical 16 November 2008
woooow i love that pint and fishes loooooooooolz :D

Роман 21 November 2009
Пелмяшка вдохновляет? =)

Kris 2 September 2010
I have several tropical fish tanks and I often have a dream about fish floating in the air. I couldn't believe it when I saw this. Terrific!

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