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Rainbow Butterfly

Rainbow Butterfly

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Comments {34}

Ellen Olenska 5 June 2009
Great work! Thanks!

LucasDT 5 June 2009

Dan Sitzler 5 June 2009
Looks good i think the MSN was the look he was going for no?

Katherine Appleby 5 June 2009
I mustn't be as in touch with logos - I just thought it was a beautiful butterfly with fantastic colours - because it is!

Giobatta Lanfranco 5 June 2009
Hello Vlad. Very nice but maybe it would be better without all those thin striping... Can you give it a try? Spasibo, grazie :-)

Jaideep Nadkarni 5 June 2009
Mesmerizing beauty!

Tusnelda 6 June 2009
These 3 walls are so beautiful, I am speachless!!!!!! Thanks Vlad!

Kaaru 6 June 2009
I quite like this one ! =) Yay, it looks like MSN's logo, but anyway, this one is more pretty, so who cares ?

Theresa 7 June 2009
The butterfly is wonderful!!!

Tony 28 June 2009
I second Todd's request for a "no butterfly" version!

Camille Lauras 5 August 2009
I love that one... I put that background on almost all of the computers I used

Tatjana 19 October 2009
unbelievably beautiful !

엄 휘용 17 April 2010
nokia 5800 x.m.

Kay 5 September 2010
Delightful graphics and color combination that is not overwhelming on the screen nor interfers with your icons. Love it!

chinnu 18 March 2011
beautiful image

3wash 11 April 2012

annonymous 7 December 2012
how do you download the clock

米斯特 10 March 2014

A1Elements 5 June 2009
Great work man! The butterfly looks like MSN's a bit, :-D

Jynrya 5 June 2009
Gorgeous... The colors are so complimentary...

Michel Galle 5 June 2009
sorry, but I also thought "msn !" it's still very nice

Vlad Gerasimov 5 June 2009
Thanks for your comments! Ahh, I did not realize my wallpaper would be so similar to MSN logo - I saw this logo before of course, but I completely forgot about it! It must be subconscious :-)

Leti 5 June 2009
Cute!!! I love this one

Kate 5 June 2009
Very pretty! And it's NOT the same as MSN/Microsoft's butterfly, so don't worry about the negative comments by people who don't know any better. Microsoft does NOT own all likenesses of drawn butterflies, people. :-)

Suzana 6 June 2009
Reminiscent of msn's butterfly, but better, they're all so beautiful I think I'm going to have a hard time deciding which to try on my desktop first!!! It's a dreary rainy day and seeing this made my day a lot brighter, thank you Vlad!

7 June 2009
beautiful!! looks like msn butterfly.. lOl...

Todd Clontz 10 June 2009
Any thoughts to having "no butterfly" versions?

osama 29 July 2009
beautiful butterfly

aj 13 September 2009
dis one's really good

Vlad 13 December 2009
My name is Vlad too I am from ROMANIA. You paint nice like me, I am at Art HightSchool

molly 20 April 2010
hi man i dont no wat 2 say

nousra 21 February 2011
can say it is beautiful

4 December 2011

Anjali 21 June 2012
It's something diff erent , especially the background and the colour combo and amazing like a shining star in the sky...

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