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QR Wise Quote #1

QR Wise Quote #1

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Comments 9

Robin · 10 May 2011
Would love to get a text version as well, anything planned? Honestly the white of the code is kind of spoiling the wallpaper (in my eyes)

Lukas Zwadlo · 10 May 2011
"It´s Perfekt - Nothing left to take away" :-D i like *klick*

juria · 3 June 2011

Kristyna Kubacova · 11 August 2011
I'd like the mosaic with a portrait of an eminent person (quote in LETTERS possible) much better. For one thing I'm quite conservative and for another THIS IS JUST TO GEEK!

Arnaud Desombre · 10 May 2011
Would love it too as my phone isn't able to translate QR codes.

Vlad Gerasimov · 10 May 2011
Robin: thanks for the tip! I thought QR would not work without white background, but then I tested and it worked, so I removed white and it looks better now. Thanks. Arnaud: I added the quote to wallpaper description. Thanks.

kang · 7 June 2011
Why don't you reply my mail.

*SlipKnoT* · 23 August 2011
muyy bueno el fondo jajaja me puse ese

Orlando · 12 October 2011
Very nice, and I like the use of the QR code. I know you can do too much with the use of these codes, so go ahead. Thank you.

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