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Comments {83}

nice long ago

Gloria long ago
Whenever i think of a wallpaper i do at yours.

Hai long ago
this is really really cute ;)

kayoung long ago
i love you! you so beautiful

Superb long ago

dv8ted long ago
really vibrant...n bright...had me friends asking..."where did u get that wallpaper from...?" cheers dude !! (Y)

Carlos long ago
A genuine art work! Thanks! :-)

sam long ago

krishna long ago
(y) great

vsfd long ago
are so cute and beautiful... :-) ;-)

``Frankie`` long ago
this is soo cute. =]

Jhon Doe long ago
Good job... cute....

Teeervo long ago
Wow wowo wowo so cute (n)

Kevin long ago

Heidi long ago
The color, The color, The color, I just love your colors...

paramita long ago
i absolutely adore your wallpapers... they made me smiiiile. AWESOME!!

vsfd long ago
are so cute and beautiful... :-) ;-)

Yogendra long ago
gr8...gr8...gr8 wallpaper (Y) really one of ur best...(L)

xo long ago
u r my man (Y)

son long ago

CatPremo long ago
love your work. makes me happy(Y)

Mélanie long ago
Awww ! (L) Absolutely sweet and lovely ! Great idea, as always ! (Y) (Y) *saves to desktop*

bingrou long ago
like a life of child!

Moo long ago
a hee hee ( % ) and ( " ) are my favourites, although ( . )'s quite cute, too!

Katerina long ago
this is so good! thanks :-)

Jaideep long ago
Really sweet....

Caesar long ago
Wow, really... I just found ur wallpapers today... ive already checked out all of em... Im really impressed, ur work's really great... Luv it... Keep it up dude, i know u probably hear this everyday but ur work is completely awesome! :-D Thx for letting everyone see! :-)

cindy long ago
Great - Are you going to do an Irish Theme for St.Patrick's Day???? :-)

pari long ago
the colours make me happy .

sp long ago
I really like your wallpaper (Y)

Denn long ago
õåõåõå ))) êàêàÿ âåñåëàÿ êàðòèíêà!

Jacqui long ago
muy interesante! gracias!

Kang long ago
I'm Happy!

loumjanani2 long ago
an fine

reggie 8 January 2008
my granddaughter saw this on my computer and loved it! it is such a fun piece! it makes me smile when i look at it! thanx

GERMAN 30 March 2008

::saathiyaana: 15 April 2008
this is not ordinary...this is art'x'tra~ordinary..!! salute to your imagination..!! :15,apr'08:

mikeg 26 October 2008
I see "Punctuation" as a Vlad masterpiece. My appreciation for it has increased over time. Bright, cheerful complimentary colors, amazing textures, subjects perfectly integrated with overall context, all composed around the clever punctuation theme. It's no surprise there are so many positive comments. I referred to this work in comments about two other pieces, but hadn't left any remarks here until now. Using this on virtual desktop #2 right now. Rather than full screen (1920x1200 in this case), I decided to display "Punctuation" at 1280x1024 on a blue background (R:0, G:64, B:128, H:140, S:240, L:60 is perfect for me).

Wadjh 30 May 2012
L'une des mes préférées ! j'aime beaucoup ! thanks

花火 1 September 2014

long ago
Ñàìûå íåîáûêíîâåííûå îáîè, òàê óþòíî ñòàíîâèòñÿ! Ì-ì-ì-ì-ì...

Vlad long ago
It's very very very cool! All your wallpapers very very very cool! I love it! It's the best site in the world! :-D

saveen long ago
(L) I am loving it

Barb long ago
This one's been a hit with my 6 year old. Took me a few weeks to get her to let me select a new paper. Thanks for the smiles

Trisha long ago
Thanks much

karthi long ago
Really sweet....

Kour8 long ago
Aby ste se z toho obrazku neposrali. :-)

su-ji long ago

hong long ago

samdy long ago
perfect~I like it very much~it's so cute~

mary long ago
they are really cute were an how did you make them?

Keith long ago
WOW-- I just noticed there's no negativity anywhere-- Very positive+!

Sunday saint long ago
Also made my day! Thanks~ (Y)

lucia long ago
i love your wallpaper!!! they are so cute (Y)

sarah long ago
I love it, makes me feel good

Denius long ago

Vanessa long ago
Wow so cute (L) ^^

Avis long ago
very colourful and cutie~

Caline long ago
Very cute! :-)

Michel long ago

Jade long ago
Neaty Sweety! fav is ???

arpit long ago
plz send me some romantic wallpapers

fifi long ago
it's good work - real i'm respect to you (Y)

New Neptune long ago
î÷åíü ìèëî :-)

Matthias Heil long ago
One of your best! (Y)

Kacenka long ago
I simply love it ....!

Tixxei long ago
always the best praphics ;-) would be funny, if you offer the font of that. They will have to have it. But i think everybody here would download everything that you develope or design ;-). gruß an alle Deutschen. Die WM kann kommen...das Chaos des Jahres!

BJ long ago
Hope you do another one with 9. I love your work. It is like none other. Thank You for sharing with all of the population. BJ

Hicham LRH long ago
The same touch from that wonderful land of dreams that lives inside each one of us. Thanks...u remain among the best (Y)

Lee long ago
Absolutely AWESOME!!!! This is the one and only place for backgrounds.

saj long ago
me too!! :-)

Singapore long ago

Yogendra long ago
gr8...gr8...gr8 wallpaper (Y) really one of ur best...(L)

maneli 26 January 2008
wow u r creative really u r:) its kind and lovely

JIM 2 April 2008

Rit@ 15 May 2008
one of my favorites i don't need to say more anything

katrinne 29 September 2008
omg! so cool! love the little girl with the blue dress. The details of the hair of all of the girls is fabolous! the floor is great too. In fact I absolutly love this wallpaper :D :) you are great vlad :O

bojana 9 November 2008

Stefanus 29 January 2010
very nice thank you

14 January 2011

mercylaw moon 16 February 2011
hellow . nice to meet you

kjk 31 December 2013

V 14 November 2015
Hello! Do you know that your works are using by this company?

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