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← She vanquishes the terrible winged fiend, but her thoughts are fixed on Eternity Procrastination (Color 2) →

Comments 4

Dany Despas · 26 February
Hi Vlad, en cas de besoin je suis très bon en procrastination ... ;-) Via Felicia .... :-)

Ian · 26 February
Wonderful :)

Goutam Sharma · 28 February
Fantastic. Love it as always. Good to see you back.

Mariam Hammad · 20 May
Perfect as usual! I can't tell you how happy I am to see new content from you. Ever since I discovered your website, which was a long time ago, I haven't used anything but your wallpapers for my laptop and my phone. I just adore your work so very much! Thank you, Vlad. You are amazing!

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