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Patek Philippe Watch (Flipped)

Patek Philippe Watch (Flipped)

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Comments {18}

Haz long ago
I like it! A lot! Vlad, it's awesome! Will you post a tutorial, how did you make it? Please! :D

evren long ago
heyyy i like it, man u are a genius !

iulian long ago
this is crazy! i can now see the inside of my pda! :D

fre4k long ago
Simply great... *gasp*

Mohammed korashy long ago

Paulina 28 March 2008
Just great, thanks for the tips.

Subbu 28 April 2008
Simply superb

WolfGirl 25 May 2008
It's just ok! You can do better than this........

none 11 June 2008

vijay 12 July 2008
it is good

armani horloges heren 12 July 2014
This post is very worthy of appreciation, look forward to more exciting!

Karthik long ago
It is something entirely different.I think it will be a good wall paper for my desktop.!!!!!!!!!!!!.

jean long ago
i love this wallpaper! simple and yet elegant at the same time!

Anish long ago
That's coooool, dude but I can't get to kno the eexxaatt time????

Suzana long ago
I always wanted one of those watches where you could see the inner mechanisms moving; now I have one on a wallpaper!!! Thanks for making a dream come true, (in a way) Vlad!!! We who cannot do such great graphic art salute you!!!

LucasDT long ago
You can see your logo better on this one ;)

Jennifer 25 April 2008
I really like that you offer a flipped version of this wallpaper. I have dual monitors and I refuse to put the same wallpaper on both screens despite the fact that one screen is usually obscured with the program I always have running. I often find myself saving a wallpaper and flipping it myself so that the busy side will be on my primary monitor. I would love to see a feature added to the website so that we might flip any wall paper with ease.

Michal 21 December 2012
Very nice wallpaper! I like it much. And like mechanical watches too :-)

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