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Ornamental 2

Ornamental 2

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Comments {37}

Sebastian long ago
I really like how the colours fade out in the edges. Nice (Y)

j long ago
i couldnt make something as amazing as this!

j long ago

Rakesh long ago
Amazing..Simply Marvellous(Y)

Jaideep long ago

care long ago
beautiful and gorgeous

louise long ago
More amazing images.

Paratron long ago
Wow. Just awesome ^^

Moo long ago
Beautiful. I especially love the lighting/shading with the burst coming from the sun.

Agnieszka long ago
Świetne- robi wrażenie

Per long ago
Wow, it looks like a carpet.

Luka long ago
It's very very nice. I like her much

dk long ago
Absolutely amazing! Gorgeous gorgeous! This is perfect for me!

Hollie 4 February 2008
This is so beautiful. I love all of your work, Mr. Vlad!

kübra 26 March 2008
good !

l 27 March 2008

:: saathiyaana : 15 April 2008
artxtra..!! x'llent..!! :15,apr'08:

Mordecai 13 August 2012
Love it! you should make one more like this

Ronan Carvalho 17 March 2013
Wonderful!! You job is wonderful!!

Luna long ago

aphrodite long ago
i love it! i'm now using it on my Multiply site and have put a link on it back to your site. my friends will truly love this. just fabulous!

Alan long ago

Jennifer long ago
This wallpaper is quite beautiful & mysterious! Thanks!

alev long ago
perfect ;-)

AKS long ago
The pictures are amazing............

i-V47x1 long ago

Câline long ago
Beautiful! (Y)

Waidot long ago
Very nice!

Pink Floydian long ago

Timmargh long ago
That is gorgeous!

Tril long ago
Absolutely beautiful...I love the radiant light of the sun in the center. This is my favorite abstract since "Palantir."

Lucia long ago
So cute!!! fantastic job !!!!!:-)

Zexy 5 February 2008

Thomas 16 March 2008

Isabella 31 March 2008
BEAUTIFUL! Looks like some kind of exotic, middle eastern design. I adore it. This is one of my absolute favorites, I love how the sun is so bright then fades.

Руска 28 September 2011
As it was made for me. Thank you Vlad. Spasiba.

Halidom 30 April 2013
Fantabulus, Thank you

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