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NOEL New Year Wallpaper

NOEL New Year Wallpaper

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Comments {255}

john DeGroff long ago

Korean long ago
Very Good job ! ;-(

kerim x-files long ago
gercekten cok guzel bir wallpaper duvarkagidi...;)

Dragana-Serbia long ago
Slike su odlicne!pozdrav iz Srbije!

Steave long ago
Nice for the season Steave

sali long ago
I am from georgia and I know russhen franch and english!!! so happy new year!!!! :) kissssss alllllll

Dorc long ago
Nagyon aranyos (L) !

joelmir long ago
q site + podre

Becca long ago
I put this wallpaper up in October, and can't change it! I love it so much, and it just makes me so excited for Christmas! I might just use this all year round!

paresh long ago
this is a wonderfull like a heavan

David long ago
Your work is just fantastic. All my wallpapers are ur works. All the best! (Y)

Claire long ago

henin long ago
a nice background,I like it.thank u! long ago
Chuc cho tat ca chung ta tran ngap niem vui va hanh phuc trong mua Giang Sinh va nam moi sap den! Merry chirtmas and happy new year

chris long ago
Genious work. Bravo!!!

jorge long ago
mt fixe, a Sofia é toto :-0

saukat long ago
************** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **************

?? long ago

Aljosa long ago

Adi long ago
absolut SUPERB ;) /Romania

NOBITAKT2003 long ago

thatlong_emmuonnoi_yeuanh long ago
chuc' em giang' sinh vui ve

pastel long ago
정말 좋은데요... 피뎅이요으로는 딱이다...^^*

Pedro Correia long ago
temos aqui uma portuguesa a sofia... se calhar até temos mais algumas pessoas de portugal... agora falando do wall... ó vlad tu és um ganda maluco... mete lá o site em português... perabéns pelo waLL

Nhat Tuan long ago
Giang Sinh vui ve! Chuc cho tat ca chung ta tran ngap niem vui va hanh phuc trong mua Giang Sinh va nam moi sap den! Than ai!

roxanne long ago

hoatuyetmuaha_ag long ago
tai sao minh k dung mua noel nay de ket ban nhi?Chuc cac ban online co mot mua Giang Sinh vui ve,

sae-sae long ago
i love it. its sooooooo cooooooooooooooooool

Noel long ago
God Bless u all.with love and Best wishes

류충환 long ago
그림이 좋아요 안녕하세요 I'm come from Korea 감사히 퍼갑니다

khashayar long ago
thanks for all

danhvan_chuyeu long ago
Noel đến,mang đi một giấc mơ,mãi mãi.....

JX2 long ago
Happy Holidays! I love the "Charlie Brown" tree and used it as desktop at work...everyone there enjoyed it!

Yasi long ago
I love it.

cris long ago

sanfabs long ago
Ciao Caio

Raghu.Guvvala long ago
Happy new year wishes

irfan long ago
das kjklio lkjhui keij

Sunitha long ago
Thaz G8!! :-) (Y)

christine, Greece long ago
so nice and peaceful. Merry Christmas to everyone from sunny Greece!!!!!!!!! :-)

Ryan long ago
(l) I love this walpeper, its really good! :-D (y)

love vlad long ago
i love this wallpp for my Christmas, wow, excelent

lalit_parul long ago

Amanda Sze long ago
best ever thank you 4 creating VLADSTUDIO!!!!! (Y) :-D

long ago
Ïðèâåò ,Âëàä! Ìíå ïîíðàâèëîñü.Âûøåë íà òâîé ñàéò ñ ñàéòà ìîáèëíûõ òåëåôîíîâ ...Áîëüøîé ðàçìåð,îí è â Àôðèêå-áîëüøîé ðàçìåð !!! ×èòàé ðóññêèé...Ñ íàñòóïàþùèì òåáÿ Íîâûì Ãîäîì !

sniff long ago
I like i!

sniff long ago
I like i!

phong long ago
giang sinh vui ve cho tat ca moi nguoi tren the gioi merry christmast to eveybody in the world

Tuong Tan long ago
Giang sinh an lanh,vui ve...Chua se luon ben cac ban va Nguoi bao ban se khong cam thay co don Chua dang luon luon hieu ben ban,.

INGA long ago

kavita long ago
Hi, i am indian, how to set this wallpaper in my computer? your work is very very nice, i am proud od your service. Send me your wallpare to my personal e-mail ID it is thnaks Kavita

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
LBC: thanks! This wallpaper - Photoshop only.

fredd long ago
cool :-) :-d (Y)

gwendo long ago
merry x mas :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

laure long ago
pt1 bah j'ai rien compris de qu'est-ce que c'est cette page web lol un peu а cфtй de la plaque:-S.mais bon je passe par lа par hasard et ce qui m'a attirй l'atention c'est qu'il y a des commentairs dans pleins dde langues dfferente, c'est super!зa fait bizarre de voir du chinois йcrit lol bon voilа si jai bien compris cette page parle de noлl alors joyeux noлl а tout le monde!lol

Coreen long ago
J'aime beacoup(L)! Merci

Monica long ago
Je souhaite un joyeux noël au monde entier!... (L)

Moi long ago
C'est trop beau :-)

lala long ago

lala long ago

PhanTruong long ago
chuc mot giang sinh vui ve :-)

Nguyen long ago
rat tuyet,,,,dep lam (Y)

léa long ago
;-) que c mimi, merry chrismas

coyot_23 long ago
Je souhaite un joyeux noël les filles :-)

Garou long ago
Je souhaite un joyeux noël (u)

Lien long ago
Chuc noel vui ve

lonely_heart407 long ago

Coreen long ago
Jo Ta ! (good) (this page does not support korean character oops)

A.G. - Portugal long ago
É Muito bonito!...

cicada long ago
Тооолкова е красив!

中国人 long ago

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
2 koe kto: это не недоделка, это худжестванный прием :)

Barbara long ago
Love your work!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y) Thank you

Philip aka Jazzman long ago
GREAT this is what Christmas is all about making people happy with cheerfull scenes (Y)

necati aydın long ago
very good thanks all wallpapers please more

zaza long ago
En créole mauricien.... mo mari content sé ki mo fine trouvé là, zoyé Noel ;-) (translation in english from mauritian creole: i really love what i have seen. Merry christmas!)

corvi long ago
lifetime sub'er here..... link for this one is down or something..... looovvve this wall make it work again pretty please :-)

JusT Marco long ago
i like it so so much

É, simplesmente, fantá long ago
Assim vale a pena navegar na net!

Hans long ago

jmne long ago

Anti Wallpaper Change long ago
I'm loving it

abed long ago
khara 3lek ya qalb

hamed long ago
tank you. i am a irani. i am very happy

xscribblesx long ago
Naturally I felt compelled to check out your other works and thought I might post here to let you know I popped in :D I think this is a wonderful wallpaper. You now have "another" fan! thanx

bibi long ago
neverojatno dobri fotki! bravo :-P

안녕하세 long ago
거 괜찮네

Mehrdad long ago
Tank you. I am a irani. tank you az web site . tank you az pic.

sourabh rai long ago
love the style of the creator.

alan long ago
brings a smile to all the lads stuck in the desert in the middle east :-)

hi Bokul tumi kamon aso valo to ami valo ase baser sobey valo to tumer poret khelrikho bujla ok boss bye

oleander long ago
only ok-ok

n long ago
Много са хубави всичките!

mayo long ago
salu a vous tous!!!! bonne ané é bone santé! bizou mayo

Tom#9 long ago
Bon ben joyeux noel à tous quel que soit votre langue, votre religion, votre lieu d'habitation ! Merry christmast. Tom, 15ans, landes, France.

Tran Huu Hai long ago
Chuc giang sinh vui ve. Mot nam nhieu hanh phuc. Chuc cac hoc tro` yeu mot nam moi nhieu thanh cong! long ago
En Lingala (Congo: RDC) ...Ba mbula eyamo pona bato nionso ya ba mboka nionso.Traduction : "Une heureuse année pour toutles gens du monde entier".

Annie Bankadi long ago
Meilleurs Voeux à tout personne

HO HAI long ago

nuhonvaomat long ago
:-) (L)

susy long ago
unique. It makes you drift off into the picture as you stare.

Lisanne long ago
(N) It's fucking ugly!!!! (N)

cunami long ago
Ahoi Affen!!!!!!!!

cunami long ago
From Hungary!!!!!!!!!!

cunami long ago
Hi Munkies!!!

Alişan YILMAZ long ago
I like it... wonderful :-)

Mahmood long ago
Very nice !

riadh long ago
Je souhaite un joyeux noлl ANGELA

KHJ 25 February 2008

Ариадна 26 February 2008
Спасибо за прекрасное настроение,возникающее при просмотре!

FENERBAHCE 31 March 2008

jeez 13 July 2008

fai and ali 16 October 2008

mac_apple 16 October 2008
xắp đến noel 2009 rùi hiii .. haaa ..

Amy T 20 December 2008
I love your work! I've had the Noel tree wallpaper for years now but didn't know whose it was--I just found your site and I'm in awe!

Nell 6 January 2009
I like this one a lot! One of my favourites on this site. :-)

Dea:) 17 January 2009
I like this one very much!!

kIKKA 17 June 2009

maple...mac_apple 9 December 2009
heloo lai xap den noel 2010 roi... nam nao` minh` cung~ co' mat...kaka kala...

Linda 20 December 2009
Absolutely great , please give us more

samantha 25 May 2010
well i really hate it

kory 1 November 2010
i <33 this its so lonleyy :) <3

Jose 16 December 2010
Happy Christmas and new year

yudipale 28 December 2010
cool....very good

Channu 18 December 2011
It's very nice i like it

JINI 22 December 2011

1 January 2012

Catherine Ruedinger 6 December 2012
This has always been my favorite.

simge naz, 6 April 2014
çokkk güzel yaaaa

Laima long ago
Labai originalus darbas... :-)

Korean long ago
^_^ ;

irfan long ago
how to set wall paper to my id

irfan long ago
how to set wall paper to my id

Alex long ago
Ïðèêîëüíî:)) Âñåì ðóññêèì - áîëüøîé ïðèâåò!!!

Stefan long ago
La multi ani!!!

Ryan long ago
Tis background is really nice

sansayan long ago
Great and cool for a desktop. tahnk u!!

m long ago
óäèâèòåëüíî êðàñèâî è ñ ýòèì íå ïîñïîðèøü.................

Thanh Binh long ago
Chuc tat ca cac ban co mot dem giang sinh that y nghia va tran day hanh phuc !

One of hte Wise Men long ago
Some free widescreens would be cool, hard to tell the quality of an image 800x600 when you have a widescreen. Cool work

gatre long ago
noel c'est magnifique! minh cuc ki` thich noel vi thoi tiet rat dep :-D

s@ly long ago
bonjour tous! comment ca vas???? je veux faire la connaissance avec vous ok? s@ly

norti long ago
That's the best wp on earth! :D I use it on my PDA, mobile and deskop too in winter :D

Sofia long ago
bué da loco!!! :-O

mela long ago
Bagus banget.!!!!! I really really enjoy it.. thanx

winky from SCG long ago
Picture was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!(Y)

emily long ago
just so so

Elif long ago
So sweet :) (L)

?? long ago

Suresh Khaire long ago
Excellent creation. Regards, Suresh Khaire/India

中国人 long ago

nobitakt2003 long ago
chuc cac ban co mot giang sinh vui ve va that hanh phuc :''I LOVE YOU ''

Abhi long ago
:-) :-D (Y) LOVELY, UTTAL WALLPAPER Bapok hoyeche

Bryan long ago
I really like this background!! as soon as i saw it i made it as the background :-)

Rumel long ago
wow!!! It's supervvvvvvvv

arkar long ago
i like this web!!!!!!! cause there has very beautiful wallpaper. ('_') i would like to beautiful wallpaper.

doreen long ago

Pandhit Adinugraha long ago
Hebat, Kreatif, Unik dan Lucu Im the vladstudio lover, cos u'r image so cool and always think different...

mac_apple long ago
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year! Chuc Gia'ng Sinh vui ve`. Nam moi nhieu niem vui

Nae-Nae long ago
i love this picture i think it represent x-miss very much.

eva long ago
tus dibujos transmiten tanto!! enhorabuena !!!!

Vladislav long ago
Super! Net slov... ;)

Kimmyann long ago

danhvan_chuyeu long ago
Noel de'n,mang di mot giac mo,mai~ ma~i... Jouyeux Noel a tout le monde!

the_me long ago
holly f****** shit,this wp is FANTASTIIIIIIIIIIIIICCC...!!!!! crapppppppp

PEGGY long ago

TSZ long ago

steno long ago

hoang long ago
o its very happy.thanks


sweety long ago
good site

atbu long ago
Không biết có ai wen không nữa, tự nhiên mốn có 1 người kúc này :-D


Peter long ago

sara long ago
i love u

서울~ long ago
정말 아름다워요, 잘 쓸께요,,

LBC long ago
Nice wall :-) BTW what programs do you use to create these fantastic wallpapers. Photoshop, ContextFree, AI?

Vera long ago
falta un comenteario en espa?ol! increible imagen, la amo!!... es simplemente navide?a (L) aunque en esta parte del globlo es verano, de todas formas amo la nieve gran trabajo ;-) (there isn't a spanish comment incredible wallpaper, I love it.... it's just Christmas! (L) maybe in this side of the earth is summer, anyway I love the snow great work ;-) )

la^n long ago
A LAN nt:chuc ca ban 1 mua giang sinh tran ngam niem vui & moi dieu tot lanh se den voi E.

B Ngoc long ago
hello long ago
Chuc cac ban mot giang sinh an lanh va` mot nam moi tot dep,hanh phuc,minh chuc cac ban se co 1 nam luon day ap niem vui va tieng cuoi :-)

kavita long ago
i am indian, is's very nice, I like it. i am very happy kavita,

Pusan, Korea long ago
예쁘네요. 잘쓸게요 :-)

eddy long ago
bonjour tou le monde

Mohammadreza long ago
very good thanks all wallpapers please more ;-)

kryo long ago
ПррРРикольно... ...атмосфера присутствует новогодняя и это главное... ...правда только ёлка странная, не зелёная, а чёрная и тонкая - будто обгорнла :(

milan FROM SERBIA-ex YUGOSLAVIA long ago

lala long ago

keith long ago

flo long ago

ndiaga long ago
tu vas bien

coyot_23 long ago
Je souhaite un joyeux noël les garcons (Y)

Garou long ago
Je souhaite un joyeux noël (L) long ago
chao` cac' ban Viet Nam, chung' ta co' cu`ng 1 so thich do la....Noel, vay sao ko add nick cua nhau vao` ma' chat voi nhau nhi? Co gi cac ban hay add cua toi vao nhe! Friend: Kho^i _ Hi'p

Coreen long ago
???? :-)

emilie long ago
je suis belle

Very Good! thanks! long ago
Happy Chrismas!

long ago
ps, i also mean that....hehe ;-)

I translate: long ago

Koekto long ago
Единственная проблема, тень от ёлки (нижняя часть) выглядит странновато, недоделка вроде как?

wangzvq long ago
i like this one very much!

long ago
:-) long ago

Lala long ago
i love spam

china long ago

andrew long ago
you are incredibly gifted, i am in awe

square sunshine long ago
Your artwork is simply gorgeous. You have a wonderful talent :-)

aca long ago
:-) i like X-mas

sfty long ago
damn nice gfx skills! ..much respect from my side.

khan long ago
nice pic

Michal long ago
Dost dobrá práce, se teda budu opakovat, ale je to vázne dost dobré....

hamed long ago
tank you. i am a irani. i am very happy i fake you.

E.R-Portugal long ago
E fantastico navegar na net. continuem

МаФк long ago
ёлка просто улёт....последняя ёлка после радиации,наряженная последним жителем нашей планеты..=)))

vyas long ago
prasantham ga vunnadi.(this is telugu language from south india)

Djole 018 long ago
:-) Bravo, Vladimire. Veoma mi se dopadaju tvoji radovi. Samo tako nastavi!!! ;-) Djole '90L

zoom long ago
Bad, very bad

zi long ago
vlad i love all your doings except this :-(

啊天 long ago
很好看啊!! (Y)

help long ago
why no 1400*1050?

哈哈。。 long ago

vu huong quynh long ago
no that dep lam sao!:-Duoc gi o viet nam cung co tuyet nhi!(Y)nhung lai tiec la ko!(N) bonjour !:-)joeuses fete et bonne nouvelle anne!

lilou long ago
chui yper belle et g 15 ans lé pti pr moi i sla pete!!! (l) (l) (l) (l)(l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l)

thanhan long ago
So romantic .and i feel a bit lonely:-s

truonggiang_ct14 long ago
chuc nhung dieu tot lanh trong buoi toi tuyet dieu

Yen Duong long ago
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year! Chuc Gia'ng Sinh vui ve`. Nam moi nhieu niem vui. long ago
Ba mbula eyamo pona bato nionso ya ba mboka nionso. Langue : lingala : RDC et Joyeux noël à Florent Kimfuta, Thierry Kinkani, Micha, Nicole Mayenda, N. Nsuka, Pamela Mbengi, Christian Sala, Maman Honorine Fundu et Papa Gaby Mayenda...

Mayenda Sardou long ago
Je souhaite meilleurs voeux à toute la communauté Chrétienne du Monde. Que cette année soit prospère et envelopper de toute la grâce du Très-Haut. Merci !

ngoc long ago
noel vui ve :-d

ngoc long ago
merry christmast:-)

adama long ago
bon c tres jalie donc rien n adire je a tous et a toute une bonne et heureuse annéé et noel

Dusan long ago
Фантастично! Поздрави из Србије!!! Срећни празници!!! :-D Wooooooow! This is fantastic! Greetings from Serbia! Happy HOLLIDAYS!!!!!

tuyettrang0808 long ago
chuc em vui ve

Annie 21 January 2008
so cute!

Hoang † KuTe 2 March 2008
Fai Cô lôn

jj 14 March 2008

BEZY 26 June 2008

victoria 17 September 2008
i LOVE it!! it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside... great job =]

diana 15 November 2008

Matthew Long 25 November 2008
Great work Vlad! Keep it up!

vilphy 1 January 2009
This is wat we want happy Christmas nd new year.....also bringing the love of Jesus into peoples life .....Jesus wasn't born 2 be remembered as a baby ....but 2 be remember as a lover of every1....god bless

Sakdeep Marani 24 May 2009

16 August 2009
soo nice

Cífro13 22 October 2009
muito bom Amigo, Deus abençoe

Abby 18 December 2009
Lov your work but what is that new one your talking about?

M.Firas.Kzebra(Syria) 29 July 2010
This is a very good position vlad and beautyful so.I prefer you successful.Goodnight everyone in the position and out the position.

Spider 7 November 2010
Te aamo

24 December 2010

9 December 2011
wow i love it

21 December 2011
cha dep ti nao

pemiu 23 December 2011
ok, it no beutiful, and don't well

KARAN VERMA 12 May 2012

Vadio 30 January 2013
Esse site serve pra que?

alagaan ang earth 1 November 2014
Malupa wilbert f

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