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Milky Way

Milky Way

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Comments {21}

Christina (Australia) 12 June 2008
I love this blue Vlad, it's sooo calming...keep up your excellent work!

Jynrya 13 June 2008
Very Soothing!!

mario 13 June 2008

Purple § 13 June 2008
I like this one but I like more the version with the aliens... Thank you Vlad...

shital jethva 17 June 2008
very nice wallpaper

Beetle 18 June 2008
Impressive and magical!

hajaknina 18 June 2008
Vlad, i miss "The Two" series.. It's been ages since the last one

Emily 19 July 2008
You've outdone yourself again Vlad! Seriously, these wallpapers are BEYOND good. Keep up the good work!

alfalfa 13 June 2009
just love it

Jhock fransua 25 April 2010
absolutly divine and im in paris france the most beatiful status r here and yet absolutly divine!!!

johanna 6 October 2011
bellissimi questi sfondi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

birol (Turkiye) 13 June 2008
these are the works that i love, not so complicated, simple & beautiful. thank you thank you thank you

Ola 13 June 2008
Piekna I love it:)

Jaideep Nadkarni 16 June 2008
I'm spaced out... This is D-I-V-I-N-E!!!

Anastasia 16 June 2008
I love the stars, they are so beautiful... Alhough it's always pain in contemplation of the perfect beauty, I enjoy looking at the night sky. So, thanks a lot for such a wonderful wallpaper, Vlad! (Now I can look at the stars in the daytime! :-) ) I appreciate your work very much!

Holly 23 June 2008
I love it. 2 July 2008
it amazing clock

Sifar 4 August 2008
Wonder which software you use. Love your art Sifar

jeong chan nuk 1 September 2011
한국인인 데도 맘에 드네욥ㅎㅎㅎ

Chi Yang 23 November 2011
Great very nice

kiss 9 February 2012
I don't know how i have to downlod it can somebodyvm tell it me??????

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