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A Lonely Bicycle

A Lonely Bicycle

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Comments {30}

Davdi long ago
Your Wallpapers are awesome its an honor have this page in my favorites, Thanks for all Greetings from Coahuila Mexico

bolboreto long ago
Moi ben, moi ben. (L)

banana long ago
naaaa jst kiddin mate it rox my sox

banana long ago
i rekn this wallpapa is sum dum shit

Lann long ago

Besos Caóticos long ago
Están excelentes, no creo que me entiendan algunos, pero está chévere.

roh long ago
u let ppl advertise!!!!!!!

watzwazz long ago
OUTSTANDING! from Tokyo, Japan.

tanja long ago
i'm so sorry i haven't seen this one before... but then I would have to remove the beautiful ladybirds :-) sometimes it's too hard to pick just one, I then wish for an office with dozens of computers and all your fantastic works displayed on them... that would be a sight! thanks

n.i.k long ago
what can i say.............. :-) :-) keep on good work... ;-)

Me long ago much patern.... making me dizzy...too pretty... can't look away... Or in other words, really nice intricate design. Keep up the good work! (Y)

Merkoth long ago
Beautyful! Very artistic indeed n_n Thx Vlad, you rock!

FrogJD2 long ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Your wallpapers rock--is this in honor of the Tour de France?! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

specialist 22 March 2008
this one is shit. i can much better!

Ullo long ago

Andrey long ago
mm... a bit depressive.

nealla long ago
I love this one. Even before I joined and had only the lower quality version, this was frequenty the wallpaper of my choice. Although it is named "The Lonely Bicycle", it makes me think of hope and belonging. Just lovely.

Geo long ago
Wow - nice.

123 long ago

lyh, singapore long ago
ur wallpaper so cool, nice designed, just fatanstic

George long ago
this is amazing, its so artistic and i love the patterns and designs, that bicycle is awesome, u really need to make a tutorial of this one too :-) but im sure that would take to much time...still it would be great... keep up the good work vlad (Y)

Saumitra long ago
Awesome!! You rock!!

zoki long ago
what can I say man...u rule d desktop

Andrew long ago
Dude, you rock, all of your wallpapers rule in everyway (Y)(Y)

larry long ago
(y) fantastic. superb technique

aydin long ago
so cool so cool so cool (Y)

iris long ago

mansi long ago
u really have a creative mind dear

WhiteRabbit 22 February 2008
Fantastic! I love that the sun is like "yeah...whatever"

Surly Dude 8 January 2009
Lovely, almost mesmerizing imagery. Hell, I turned off my screensaver so I could look at this instead. Much appreciated.

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