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Mac OS  X Lion Wallpaper (With Text)

Mac OS X Lion Wallpaper (With Text)

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Comments {12}

iMaxEst 22 July 2011
Огромное тебе спасибо, Влад! Забрал. Твои работы просто прекрасны, успехов!

귀여워요 11 August 2011

Ksusha 14 August 2011
Просто одуренно!.. Очень мягкий нежный, и прорисованный в мельчайших деталях лвенок!

phyan 14 September 2011
it‘s lovely.

aliainun 15 November 2011
cute cute ..wkwkkw

dilaisya 15 April 2012
So cute....

Cec Medina 24 July 2011
Wonderful! I've just purchase the new lion for my iMacs and it's awesome! Thanks for the wallpaper and the making of!

juria 30 July 2011

mansour 16 August 2011
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan you are the best vlad... i love your works.

kim 28 August 2011
very cute

haichen 16 September 2011
So lovely! I like it very much.

Orc 26 December 2011
Great :) Thx!!!

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