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Jeans World Map (No labels)

Jeans World Map (No labels)

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Comments {23}

CeciRoo (Australia) 26 August 2008
WOW! what a beauty! Incredible, looks so nice! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your work with us.

FLO ( france ) 27 August 2008
Tres belle creation !

Jynrya 27 August 2008
Very interesting how you used black jeans for the water and blue jeans for certain countries. I love it! So awesome to see things differently. Keep up the wonderful work, Vlad!

andra (romania) 28 August 2008
it's a beautiful thing what u do. thank u for all.

z4wil 30 August 2008
Very nice design vlad..!

dope 4 September 2008

katrinne 27 September 2008

Mahsa 1 November 2008
good ...... tnx

this is useless 24 October 2009
totally dumb

aljon 6 July 2011
this picture is ok to me omg sa galing

OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011
O:) I LIKE IT *~*

OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011
IT COOL <3 ~<3 ~<3 :P

profipix 27 August 2008
wow, cool beans! :) thx :)

Chris 27 August 2008
This is awesome, thank you.

Yacine (Tunisia) 27 August 2008
Simply fantastic, good job boy Thanks! :)

Jaideep Nadkarni 27 August 2008

Mohammed Korashy 29 August 2008
I like the other one and don't you think that the Ocean's should be in the Blue color, Not the lands? But nice work

Lilla 1 September 2008
Yes! It's beautiful but Where is Italy?!!?!?

Giuseppe D'Ambrosio 22 September 2008
Good work but WHERE IS ITALY???

COOL 3 October 2008

cachee <3 30 December 2008
heyy what happened to ireland... what are you allergic to potatoes or something? jk i love it =DDDDD.

OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011

OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011

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