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Inside the Rainbow (Color 2)

Inside the Rainbow (Color 2)

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Comments {13}

Ted Slusser 3 December 2008

Calypso 7 December 2008
I absolutely love both "inside the rainbow" wallpapers. Nicely done, Vlad.

stephanie 21 January 2009
Perfect. Just what I've been looking for. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

Emma 3 July 2009
Love the colors! This is what Im looking for. And I also Love the fact that its blending in every row of dimonds(?)! Like the fact that it comes in different colors!

rk 7 July 2009

zooz 14 December 2009
spactaculaaaa :)

yuki zr 10 September 2012
gorgeous wallpaper

Catchick 3 December 2008
Makes me feel happy. It also reminds me of the NBC peacock... I like the ones with multiple colors. Please make more. Thanks...

qubra 7 December 2008
world of wonders... ;)

Amy 21 February 2009
Same as the other Inside the Rainbow(no 134)

Giuly 16 May 2009
A me questo sfondo mi è piaciuto così tanto che gli ho fatto una foto col cellulare e lo ho impostato come sfondo del mio telefono! Ciao a tutti e spero che vi sia piaciuto! ciao e tanti baci Giulia

Ness 8 September 2009
WOW it's to cool i wouldn't change a thing

4 November 2009

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