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Infinity 2 Gold

Infinity 2 Gold

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Comments {11}

liao ruijun 21 April 2008
I really love this color

Rit@ 27 April 2008
I don't like it... sorry but its my opinion.... :(

Mohammed Korashy 30 April 2008
This is so well done, and so professional for a Fractal image, and the colors are so eye comfort, clear and relaxing.

Vlad Gerasimov 23 September 2008
Matthew Collins:thanks, fixed that!

john 15 October 2008

katy 23 April 2008
what a conundrum...

Ashwin Narasimhan 23 April 2008
Your work is getting better everyday.

anohita 15 May 2008
colour of sand..colour of egypt.. so dramatic work..i like it so much

Matthew Collins 7 August 2008
Just FYI, the 1600x1200 dual monitor (left) one has a white vertical bar on the left side.

nastya 30 January 2010

6 March 2011
i love

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