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Infinity Gold

Infinity Gold

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Comments {24}

Shelley 21 April 2008
These are absolutely beautiful Vlad!

Christina (Australia) 21 April 2008
you're on fire Vlad!

Nice 23 April 2008
Nice wallpaper. All your wallappers are superb, i'd really like to see more of these. How did you create this effect? Would you mind explaining this in a tutorial? Thank you, have a nice day.

Caspar 26 April 2008
I always thought smoke was awsome this is porobably my fav picture i hav evr seen thank you so much its amazing!!!!!! P.S how did you get the idea for this?

Algol 26 April 2008
골드보단 블루가 더 나은듯..ㅋ 하여간 블래드 최고!!앞으로도 좋은 월페이퍼 기대할께요~~

Andy 14 May 2008
Thank you, I'm always happy to see your pictures

Bexican 27 June 2008

Olivier 1 August 2008
This one has to be the next Ubuntu default wallpaper!! I didn't visit your site for monthes: I think I have to buy a couple more displays to put in my office so I can enjoy all of my new favorite wallpapers ;) Thanks so much!

master 15 October 2008

qubra 9 November 2008
waoooaoaoooovvv..... manyak.... super...

eli 13 March 2011
the quality of this pic awesome !

Roxanne 5 May 2011

marcus 21 April 2008
Exceptional like always! Gold is much warmer than Blue. Grtz from Ostend,Belgium

schmiggles 23 April 2008
The gold and black make a warm and muted background. Looks fantastic on a widescreen!

Gašper 25 April 2008
I'm impressed too... Was just looking for a cool but peaceful wallpaper - got a first hit - really nice :) As 'Nice' said - would you explain the effect in tutorial or photoshop file (to see how) couse it's really superb!

squanto 26 April 2008
filamenti di albumina nelle analisi... bello

Anastasia 7 May 2008
I'm still alive douchebags

none 11 June 2008
WOW!! it's amazing NOTE:p ( KEEP MOVING FORWARD) :)

Olivier 1 August 2008
BTW, it's really too bad the Kompanion (for KDE) web site seems down.

maveck 11 September 2008
evertyone of your Wallpapers are beatiful ;)

tingpong 16 September 2008

mostafa 16 October 2008
thank for you

22 December 2008
Des images toujours aussi spectaculaires !!!!

C4 2 October 2011
i looking wallpapet like this ;) ''0"

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