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Happy Valentine's Day 2

Happy Valentine's Day 2

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Comments 26

Ali · long ago
I'm ali from IRAN. your wall's is EXELENT!! I hope that you are good luck in your life. thanks...

marjan · long ago
I am from iran.your wallpapers so wonderful

ojas · long ago
sooo beautiful! and "love"ly! :)

thuc_bo · long ago
very good!!!

Câline · long ago
Happy Valentine toy you and your wife! (L)

syka · long ago
great wallpapers and valentine's day to every one......................

Carmen Medina · long ago
No se si me entiendas,,, espero que s?. me encanta tu trabajo....Brillante!

Constructive · long ago
Your images are absolutely exquisite, BUT.. You state that all of your images are saved in a lossless format.. As far as I can see, this is not correct. All of your high-quality (for registered users) pictures are saved in JPEG-format, which truly is one of the worst options. Check out your "Teeth"-wallpaper for a simple example, i recognize you see the poor quality. Your images would look even Better saved as PNG-files. So why don't you stick with that instead? I create art with Vue 6, and 1600x1200 rendered images in outstanding quality is about 1.1 MB in a PNG-file, compared to a 0.9 MB JPEG-file with noises and flaws all over. I really want an answer to this one, Vlad :-) Jan Tore.

Moo · long ago
I like this one better :)

xtiaN · 22 January 2008
it is so cute!

sheikh muskan · 11 September 2014
very beautiful and very gregeouse

Maja · long ago
Brilliant! Really....

trung · long ago
Great wallpaper :-)

NINO · long ago
Te AMO Paola Nino ;-)

Ulla · long ago
Otan heti käyttöön. I will take this. Vautsi vau!!(L)

janja · long ago
wallpaperi su mi odlični...

Lucia · long ago
..and the arrow catched the heart!! you have an incredible imagination !!!

majid alavi · long ago
in iran no vallentine day what's day?

roy · long ago
love all , thanks (L)

arash · long ago
it's so beautiful JUST VLAD :-P

Norma Jean · long ago
Vlad,you're just...genious! That's your best wallpaper for st.Valentine...It's a little bit...oh,I just have no rods... = )

GEX · long ago
Otlichnie oboi !!! No pochemu vse ne po russki

GEx · long ago
Îòëè÷íûê îáîè!!! Ìîëîäåö!!!

mostafa · long ago
>>>---------> (L) >>>-----(U)----> What????!!!!!!!

Dia · long ago
Love it!!! (L)

· 22 February 2012

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